My oh so tiny lv collection!


May 7, 2009
Small, but growing. Latest purchase was the MC mila! im saving up for another hopefully within a month or two. Want a cute summer bag and def leaning towards towards the Azur speedy 30 or the Azur neverfull. Guess ill just have to try them on...hopefully one day ill have a bigger collection like a lot of you gals on here!

Sorry about the quality, cant seem to find my digi cam right now and the vernis cles looks super bright!


Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
Congrats on your new MC milla, it's gorgeous, I really like that bag! You have a gorgeous collection, I love all of your bags, especially the BH and MC Milla! Thanks so much for posting your collection, enjoy your LV's!