My Official First Chanel Part II-Med Classic Flap~

  1. OK everyone, don't need the tea band biscuit this time, just some pix and more Q's for u as usual :p . I am torn by the S and G hardware of this Black Lambskin Classic Flap-Med, t had them side by side, and the silver hardware flap look wider, and gold hardware looks more shine in for the lambskin. should i keep the gold hardware or get the silver hardware instead? sry about the flower and butterfly, i was just playing with the photo program :shame:
    Classic Dbl.jpg Classic Dbl front.jpg Classic Long Front.jpg Classic btfly.jpg Classic flr front.jpg
  2. aww you look too cute! gold is more dressy looking, silver is more casual...if that makes any sense? i would get what you love the most. gold looks better with asian skin? haha

    i prefer the silver, but i also like maybe the gold looks better with the lambskin b/c it is more dressy looking?
  3. i prefer the silver but the gold suits you and it's more classic in style
  4.'re so cute! personally, i prefer silver hardware...but i think it depends on your preference. i also tend to like silver, white gold, and platinum jewelry over gold jewelry though.
  5. Thanks everyone! I am not a jewelry person(Thank goodness lol), most are in silver/platinum tone, w/a few gold. Guess Gold hardware is ok since my Snow White have silver hardware and so are my LV miroir silver pochette.
  6. Wow! Classic Chic, you're so adorable. You beat me this time. I haven't placed an order for my classic flap just yet. I can't decide whether to go with jumbo. I just read some comments and some pfers said medium doesn't hold a lot. I love lambskin but due to its delicacy, I will go with black caviar with silver hw.

    To answer your question, the lambskin looks great with gold hw, and it suits you just fine.
  7. beautiful!!! you look great modelling that bag.
  8. Beautiful !!! Congrats !!!
    In Black, I love gold with lambskin
    and silver with caviar
  9. congratulations!! Its gorgeous!!
  10. Love it!! You wear Chanel very well :yes:
  11. ANOTHER great bag..You look like a model...Great choice on bags..enjoy them:heart:
  12. another great purchase LOVE IT
  13. I like having bags with both silver and gold hardware. Most of my bags do have silver hardware, but my classic has gold. I am glad that I do have one bag at least with gold hardware to give my collection some diversity.

    P.S. You look gorgeous, you can't go wrong with either bag.
  14. You look great with it. Gold or Silver, I don't think you could go wrong with what you have!
  15. Like Michele, I have both gold and silver. I notice that when I buy Chanel, I usually but the classic styles with gold chain and seasonal bags with silver (just like you did). I think it is good to have some diversity in your collection.