My Official First Chanel Part I-What's the name of my Snow White?

  1. OK everyone, make sure you are in comfy clothes, grab some tea and biscuits, it's going to be a long post from me:p As some of you might have recall, i got 06 Precious Symbols Black fabric tote, and what-am-i-thinking?? black jumbo reissue, but the fabric tote went back to store b/c glue marks, and the black reissue went back to bluefly b/c i want Med. Lambskin, not the Jumbo mombo. I took the plunge and grab 2 Chanels as my First Chanel(hope i didn't lost u yet:sweatdrop: ), since it was EGC day from Saks, and i opened a CC from there to get 10% off too. I was saved from price increase, got 450 EGC and 365 off (10%):yes: . I must say the price increase post scared the heck out of me, ha ha.

    I promise i was only to get the Black lambskin Gold hw Medium Classic Flap, but i saw this lonely Snow White all locked up in the display cube, i had to bring it home w/me. It's too dangerous for me to leave this baby out there:graucho: , plus it bumb me to the highest EGC card, no one toyed w/it yet according to SA since it was in it's glass coffin, plus med classic flap is G hw and this darling is Silver hardware........:supacool:
    But I don't even know the name of my Snow White, do you know what's her name? Style number is 07C A33784Y04339, $1925, got 4 round feet. It's patent leather, SA said it come in black or white, and it's they just receive it not long ago.
    Snow White front.jpg Snow White side.jpg Snow White Dbl Strap.jpg Snow White long strap.jpg
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  2. I Love It!!!!!!
  3. Your snow white patent is TDF, Congrats!! What a great choice, and glad you found it safely in the case. It looks great on you.
  4. Vipstyle & Michele~Thank you^^, but it's weird the SA just put it in gift box w/dust bag, not box & lid style w/pic and Style# sticker....the classic flap did come w/regular box&lid and b&w sticker of pix and style number....should i contact SA to get it's original box?
  5. I hate when that happens. I have bought purses that had been sent from Saks that came in a Chanel box, but not for that particular bag. For example, has the wrong serial number or just a plain black Chanel box with no stickers at all. It could not hurt to get the correct box. I kinda wish that I called them back to get the correct box.
  6. Michele-it does bugs me, guess i will ring up the SA to get the correct box, and ask about the baby animal line^^
  7. Congratulations!! It's gorgeous!! I l:heart:ve it!!
  8. it looks nice but I so worry about color transfer that I won't buy white patent bag. My SA warned me once that color transfer easily happen to white patent bag and once that happens there's nothing you can do to remove the stain. So be careful when you use it and it's better to wear light color clothing when using the bag.

  9. WOW! That is so pretty! If I saw it, I would have purchased it, too. (esp with the 10% off and EGC) I think it is a keeper and it looks great on you!
  10. That's absolutely gorgeous!
  11. hikarupanda-thanks for the heads up! SA didn't warned me about the color transfer, Love TPFer!! Patent leather is as vulnerable to color transfer as LV Vernis?

    255media-thank you :smile:

    And seriously, how pretty are you!?
    Very pretty girl w/ a really pretty bag!
  13. Love your bag!!!! And I am a sucker for white really does look nice on you!!!

    All patent leather can get color transfer, be careful!!!!!! It's a
  14. Yea, it's just like LV Vernis, so be careful~~~~
  15. My SA said that the white patent will turn YELLOW over time...just so you know that..and he said DO not store it in the box...only the sleeper/dustbag....