My odd little sinus discovery...

  1. The weather recently warmed up around here, and I'm having a major allergy attack (I'm allergic to dust mites, but for some reason, any major temperature change causes big problems for me).

    It's all the usual sinus issues with the stuffy nose and clogged up feeling.

    For Easter, my mom put Harry Potter Acid Pops in my Easter basket with all my other candy.

    I've never had them before, so I decided to try one, and within minutes, my sinuses cleared! My nose only felt just the tiniest bit stuffed up (I think because it was swollen), and I could breathe normally again! It was like magic!

    Just figured I'd share this in case any of you are having sinus problems:smile:. I'm guessing that it's the sour flavor that does it.
  2. Rosehip tea is really drying and helped my dust allergy - but it's cool that the funky kid wiz is healing you! ;)

  3. Nice trick....I didn't realize that there was Harry Potter candy. Glad that you found something that works for you.