My Oct. ELLE arrived today and there are Chanels in it i have never seen before!!!!

  1. Holy Hyperventilation........omg,,,girls, if you read or subscribe to Elle (i just got Oct. issue in the mail), check out the metallic goatskin and lambskin puff quilt flap for $2,995 on page 212, as well as, on page 41, the Chanel ad showing this killer black puffy quilted classic flap with silver h/w, which looks like its double the size of the jumbo......

    Has anyone seen these in person? oh, I am in love........:heart:
  2. Can anyone scan the photos and post them?????
  3. I haven't received mine yet. Can't wait to see them.
  4. sounds awesome, can't wait to see it.
  5. I don't subscribe to Elle, can someone scan and upload it please? Pretty please.... TIA!
  6. i will try.......omg, so gorgeous i want to make wallpaper out of the pics and redo my bathroom........:p
  7. eek! I just saw a slideshow on (don't know if it's from the Oct issue) with a ton of icky icky Chanel looks...let me see if I can get some pics up
  8. Noooooo!!!! i don't need any more temptatioN!
  9. okay let's see if this works
    090920071429282907.jpg 090920071429285082.jpg 090920071429289470.jpg 090920071429289803.jpg
  10. Cute! Thanks for sharing!
  11. the one on page 41 doesn't look like it's leather to me but hard to tell from a b/w pic.

  12. Thanks for posting the pics. I think I'm going to have to agree with you.
  13. I just got my Elle magazine today! like the oversized flap bag on the ad!
  14. Can you scan it pretty pleasie???:heart::heart::heart:
  15. Thanks Fanaddict for sharing! :tup:

    Could anyone please show us the bags Purse-onality talked about too? Pleeeeeeeeease~~~ :dothewave: