My Oct 2007 Japanese Hermes Super Collection has just arrived!!!

  1. I just picked up my brand new 1 October 2007 Hermes Super Collection Catalogue. :nuts::yahoo:

    How about a few pages for all to drool:drool: ? If you have any special requests (i.e. pages with watches, bolides, etc.), do feel free to ask.

    Pic 1 - Cover
    Pic 2 - Classic Hermes Ladies
    Pic 3 - Popularity index #1 -3 with 30cm Birkin Black Togo PH h/w as #1
    Pic 4 - Popularity index #4 -10 with 32cm Kelly Gold Togo PH h/w as #4
    Pic 5 - Most popular Birkins and Kellys
    cover.JPG stars classic.JPG popularity 1-3.JPG popularity 4-10.JPG kelly birkin.JPG
  2. seriously where do one get these things?? but if you could show me the crocs ( i am always interested if there are mistakes or something really special combo wise )
  3. More pics...

    Pic #1 Rainbow colours of birkins
    Pic #2 Mini Kellys for Ninja Sue, Baggs, 24 Faubourg
    Pic #3 Croc Galore
    Pic #4 HAC for Rocker
    Pic #5 Baby Products for new mommies and expectant moms - Queenie, Moviegirl, Jasper, Authenticlux....
    rainbow colours of birkin.JPG mini kellys.JPG croc galore.JPG HAC.JPG babies.JPG
  4. ohhh their baby stuff is just sooo cute :smile:
  5. Thanks for posting this, LTC -- it's great :nuts:
  6. This is a great resource!!

  7. Lilach - I think your question re: PH h/w popularity in Asia holds true in Japan. Out of the top 10 Kellys and Birkins, only one has g h/w. I have included one pic of crocs in post #3, but here comes two additional pages for you.
    crocs.JPG birkin 25cm.JPG
  8. ok thanky you very much my dear ! ah one question what does it say about that light colored matte croc kelly on the right hand next to the bearn wallet? i am pondering between 3 colors thanks in advance :flowers:
  9. licensetocook,

    It's very generous of you to share this with us -- THANK YOU!!:okay::tup::woohoo::heart::yes:
  10. Is this from the H-store in Tokyo? Or a reseller? Amazing collection!!
  11. Gorgeous pics! I haven´t gotten one of these in a while. As to where you get these from, from a certain bookstore which name I forget or eBay.
  12. Unfortunately, there's not much info on the light coloured kelly. The book only states that it is a 28cm nilo matte souple kelly JPY2,280,000.
  13. I live in tokyo, so I just bought it from my local book store, Tsutaya.
  14. I love those Super Collection cataloges!! Yep you can buy them in Japan or on eBay for around $20.
  15. Thanks for sharing the pics, I need to get one of those books!