My Ochre Patent Muse

  1. So here are some pics of my new love, Ms. Ochre Patent Muse! :yahoo: I went into the YSL boutique in San Francisco on Sunday to buy a large black or chocolate Muse but was totally drawn to this bag. I spent about an hour parading in front of the mirror with it and other bags trying to decide. Elise, the SA who helped me, was very patient and gracious! Finally I decided I should go with what I really love instead of what would be most practical, so here she is! The camera really doesn't capture the rich, luxurous color of this bag. It looks more orange than it does in real life - especially with the flash. If the fog ever lifts here in cloudy SF I will take some more photos in the sun to try to truly capture the color. The bag is lined in a gorgeous chocolate satin and the hardware I think is a little bit mellower gold than on the black and choco, but it might just be the way it plays against the caramel color of the patent leather. One other difference I noticed is that Yves Saint Laurent is not stamped on the front under the lock. I noticed this on the other patent bags as well - must be some issue with stamping in patent. Anyway, I am so happy and can't stop staring at/loving my bag! :upsidedown:

    IMG_6534.jpg IMG_6539.jpg IMG_6540.jpg IMG_6535.jpg
  2. Oh my!!!! I'm a huge sucker for orange-based bags. Yours is DIVINE!! It will look stunning with anything you wear!
  3. That's a really interesting color that is sure to attract lots of attention. Looks like butterscotch candy to me! :smile: Congratulations, and welcome to the Muse club!

    Patent is supposed to be "big" for fall, according to all the you're way ahead of the curve!
  4. It's beautiful!! I love the colour!!
  5. Congrats! I was drooling over that bag a few months ago but wound up with something else. But that is such a great color. It'll look great with jeans, black, grey, even a nice contrast with a color like pale blue!
  6. Very nice!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I am so happy with it. The SA showed me a gorgeous burgandy patent wallet and said the Muse also comes in that color. It was sooo beautiful. She said the store got one in and it was gone within an hour! I would love to see that bag IRL.
  8. It´s absolutely gorgeous!
  9. hip, hip, hooooooooooooooray for ctm19 & her new patent muse :wlae:

    p.s. i :heart: your adorable black kitty-cat too (so cute!!!)
  10. very unique color love it! congrats!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I wish I could get an accurate pic of the color, but the camera just doesn't capture it. You have to see it IRL to appreciate! :P
  12. It really looks like a caramel chew--at least the one I saw in real life.
  13. It's verrry pretty! Congratulations!
  14. You're right, wickedassin (i kept reading your name "Wicked Assassin" LOL!). It really does look like a caramel. Yum!
  15. oooo yummy!!!!!!!