my obsession

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  1. Well, I'm finally going to get around to posting pics of a few pieces from my collection (thank you to everyone who has already done so: your collections are all amazing). I basically purchased all of them within the past year, and I blaim the Chloe Paddington for this gluttony. Although I never did get the paddy (after hearing about the quality issues with the padlocks, I decided against it), when I googled for the paddy, forums and the PurseBlog (no forum back then) came up. And since both forums have introduced me to even more lovelies than I could ever imagine! Before this obsession, I only purchased handbags that were $200 and under, mostly from indie designers. I still only purchase handbags based on their design, and quality, but unfortunately for my wallet, I've discovered some gorgeous designer handbags. Sigh... DF thinks I have a serious problem... he's discovered that I receive a steady stream of packages when I was away on business and the doorman mentioned to him that he has me on speed-dial! :Push:
  2. Oh picture, where art thou?
  3. Here are pics of my Fendi spys: sequinned, petrol, and green. It's the first bag that I have the same bag, but in different colors.
    front.jpg petrol front.jpg DSC01226 mod.jpg
  4. Next up is my Balenciaga collection: anis city classique, black twiggy, and magenta foldover clutch. Oops, maybe this machine doesn't have any pics of my clutch, but I'll post it later.
    Balenciaga Mustard Yellow City 015.jpg Black Twiggy.jpg
  5. My three most recent acquisitions are my Chanel 2.55 reissue in gray, Gerard Darel drape/Charlotte 24 bag in black, and my Jimmy Choo Ramona in navy.
    Chanel reissue 1.jpg JC Ramona 4.jpg
  6. I also got my hands on a B FENDI bag that was used on the Fendi runway show:
    B Fendi 1.jpg
  7. I like whimsical designs, and coudn't resist the chunky resins sewn on this Jamin Peuch bag:
    Jamin Peuch front.jpg
  8. OK, my eyes are seriously popping out of my head now. WOW!!! :nuts: I'm drooling all over the keyboard...good thing I'm getting a new one next week, LOL!

    I'm really loving both the Twiggy and Darel in black.
  9. Wow!!! I'm totally loving your spy bags. I am green with envy!
  10. the spys really are beautiful in those colors!
  11. yup the spy looks the best in petrol and green. love the chanel too! very nice!
  12. Damnit, your petrol spy only makes my like for this bag grow :P It really is a beautiful color for the bag. The Chanel and Jimmy Choo are :love:
  13. How cool!!!!!!! Beautiful bag with a great story!
  14. Here's a bag that I carried proudly through most of F/W 04: the Oiliy rose handbag. It isn't high end designer, but I think it really represented the embellishment trends of F/W 04 in a very stylish way. And I got a TON of compliments on it.
    Oilily 1.jpg