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  1. Welcome.
    Unfortunately the sites you listed all sell fake bags. You may be able to score an authentic on eBay for about $800 -1000, or Annes might have a few
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    Designer bags just don't get that inexpensive when they are still popular. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. And there is no comparision between a fake and a reall one. Good luck.
  2. awww, bummer, any wholesale sources?

    thanks though =)
  3. Nope, designer bags aren't wholesaled. You get what you pay for.
  4. You'll find they all claim that unfortunately. There are some really big name sites recently that have been mailing out fakes also. Best bet is straight from the authorized retailers and save yourself the worry if truly authentic is what you're after. Chloe does go on sale, unlike Louis Vuitton.
  5. When Chloe goes on sale at the department stores it is 60% off (last year's colors and styles, etc.) There might be a few hold outs still at individual Nordstroms, Intermix, or Neiman Marcuses around the country. All of those stores had some past season Chloe bags at 60% off in Jan and Feb.
  6. It seems as if you just started looking, so learn about all the methods and language of the fakers before you buy, please. A lot of us used to believe that of course no one would state a bag was 100% authentic when it really wasn't. We've learned. Don't talk yourself into a fake bag because you want a bargain. Look on eBay and ask for authentication advice here if you don't want to buy at retail prices. The AFF suggestion was good, as she has a sale on now and her bags are always authentic. When people here tell you that these web sites sell fakes, they have a basis for their opinions. Really. And you will be SO unhappy if after wanting a bag for ages you end up with an ugly fake.
  7. I actually started looking last summer when my wholesale supplier closed down their business, I know for a fact that you can bulk purchase authentic designer goods from reputable sellers ( this is intended for resale at boutiques or individual use ) I do appreciate all the feedback back though =) am pretty pissed off the company didn't recommend another wholesaler before shutting.