My obsession with the python Mahala, and what I learned...

  1. Well - I just can't shut up about that Jungle python Mahala :drool: It is on the JC website, on sale, but cannot be shipped to the US.

    So, upon the recommendation of a tPFer, I called Casey at the Chicago Choo to see if she could get it shipped to her. First off - Casey is just wonderful, like everyone says...what a gem!

    Casey cannot have it shipped to her and this is why: Once we see items on the JC website, they are being handled by a middle man in the UK and not JC directly. In effect, JC "sells" them to them, and then they get to you. Because of the customs hassle some people have had with snake items, this middle man will no longer ship them to the US. Casey said there are lots of aggravating laws between the two countries, which are responsible for their unwillingness to ship. :cursing:

    Casey also said it is much easier to ship snake items from the factory in Italy to the US, and that is where the boutiques and department stores get them from.

    She will keep an eye out for me, in case one of these bags shows up.

    The good news is that she will be emailing me some pics of new snake items in the near future, which I will post as they arrive.

    End of story, thanks for listening.
  2. I will be pulling for you that you get one of these gorgeous bags. Thanks for explaining about why they can't ship to the US.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about the process. I am so tempted by those python bags when I see them listed at such good prices on the website, but after hearing about the hassles, it doesn't even seem worth trying to find a way around customs.
  4. Me too, Ive been tempted to put one in my basket. They look gorgeous online, so I can imagine how they look IRL. And the price is very good for python, a mahala at that. But Im glad you posted this, it wouldve been disappointing to get my hopes dashed trying to order it. LOL
  5. I had "purchased" the Mahala python on line several days ago and then got an email a day later stating that the order couldn't go through. I can't stop obsessing about this bag. (And since I'm home recuperating from surgery for the next several weeks, the obsession is really bad! I've got nothing else to do.)
    Is there any way to get it to the US?
  6. Hi Girls,
    I'm usually over at the Prada Forum, but wanted to let you know that a month or so ago the store in Orlando had some Python bags, not sure of the style, color .......
    You might give them a call.
    Jimmy Choo Orlando
  7. Jburgh
    I spoke to Casey at length about this issue last week as well. I also tried the whole placing an order on-line :sneaky: in hopes JC London might ship anyways and not question the whole customs problem:graucho: but I too received and email the following day with an apology:crybaby:

    Who knows, maybe the JC Fairy will come down and sprinkle some fairy dust on us and we will someday get our little reptile bags from the other side of the pond;)

    Otherwise, we will have to get bonniec & Stinkerbelle (see quote below from bonniec on my "Rock" ordeal) to go out to the Ohio farmlands and find enough snakes to make a couple Jungle Mahala's:roflmfao:

  8. Robynbenz - well if bonniec & Stinkerbelle do decide to go into the snake handbag business, I'd like one made from Copperhead...thems is purty:nuts:

  9. Uh, yeah, well....if Bonniec and Stinkerbelle DO ever decide to go into the snake business I suggest you follow these few simple suggestions on learning of our new enterprise. A) When leaving your house, make sure you are wearing ice skates at ALL times as it will be easier to get around, and B) always carry an umbrella. Because if you think bird poop is yucky....imagine if a flying pig got ya! :yucky:

    I absolutely HATE snakes!!! To me every single one of them is poisonous and can eat a small adult in a single swallow....they're sneaky and shifty I tell ya....they can't be trusted....and they are way too quiet! :sneaky:

    I just happened to have convinced myself that WATERsnake is not snake at's different. It grows in water. And they pick it. Like a fruit. That's why it's one apple there, so no snake in watersnake! :yes:

    Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it so that I can carry my beloved Riki without freaking out! :nuts:
  10. IKWYM, when I finally received the "Rock" I made some sort of comment to DH and he was very insistent that the bag was in fact constructed from these "slimy, swimming creatures" that live in water:yucky:

    I said something about snakes living in the our lake and he said "very big possibility" :shocked: I have not been in the lake the rest of the Summer:nogood:
  11. Oooh, somehow I missed this thread (thanks Robyn)... Well, I'll be more than happy to hunt wildlife for fellow tpf-ers. And with my Chinese heritage, nothing I kill will be put to waste. Whatever I don't use for my Jimny Cnoo bags, I will eat.
  12. I am glad to see more people out there obsessed with this bag - My friend is going home to Portugal in about 3 -4 weeks and I talked to her about shipping to her home there and having her bring it back with her. I love the bag but now I wan to see the new Bags before I commit. They could be nicer??
  13. Bonnie - you crack me up! :nuts:
  14. Oops. Nevermind.
  15. So jburgh, I noticed that under your postings it now states that the Jungle Python could be yours soon. Do tell . . . [I hope you get it and soon so that you can post pictures of what it looks like IRL.] :tup::tup: