My Obsession with the Pink MAC 109SH Catherine Denuve Brush! Help needed.

Jun 28, 2006
So I've had this brush for a year or two and it is my GO-TO brush! :yahoo: This came out 05 or 06 as a special at Nordstroms only. If I could only have ONE face brush, this would be it. It's cute because its pink and short handled and the bristles are dense and not too soft or too rough and the brush size is perfect! It buffs my cream (studio stick) foundation on perfectly and effortlessly. Others are too soft, to big, too flimsy, to rough to do the job well and in so little time. Also, it applies darker blushes (Blunt, Coppertone) on my light skin flawlessly. And believe me, I was going to return those blushes because no other brush could make them work until I found my beloved 109 brush. :love: And yes, I tried the regular version before buying the limited one and 1. it smelled and 2. it was a bit awkard with the small brush head and large handle. My mother liked it also so I looked high and low for a replacement... ebay. Some went up to $40 and it was too much.

Finally recently days ago I saw one on ebay for $30. I jumped at the chance to buy one for my mom. When it arrived it looked like mine but when touched it was A LOT softer and not as dense. :confused1: :tdown: I compared and my mother compared and yes, it looked the same but once felt it was differet and noticably not as dense. As a result, I gave my mother mine. I tried to use the new brush today and it just didnt work. :crybaby:It took forever to blend the cream texture foundation because the brush wasn't dense and the bristles would just splay outwards if I used more pressure. Not only did it take a long time, i noticed it missed spots meaning I'd go over the spot but the brush didn't completely blend the foundation. Then I tried using the darker brushes and it just didn't pick up or blend them that well. :s Now, I don't know what to do. Its $30 down the drain, I dont know what to do with it and I've tried all my other face brushes (i have a lot) and they don't do the job. I miss my brush... I don't know why the brushes were different. It crossed my mind it may have been fake but it looks okay to me. :sad: I don't know where I'm going to find another I've been waiting for Nordstroms to come out with another but so far they havent and it seems other brands don't make anyt hing like it. =(