My Obsession Has Arrived!

  1. Who's up for a reveal of my new beloved?
  2. I'm ready!
  3. Here....:popcorn:
  4. Maybe not?
  5. Sorry! My pictures are being uncooperative! Will be up as soon as I can.
  6. Would love to see :biggrin:
  7. Sorry for the bagillion year delay! Pictures are successfully uploading now! Stay tuned!
  8. I am obsessed with this bag! The colors are gorgeous! And the leather is so soft and supple! The only gripe I have is that because the leather is so soft and supple it does attract dirt pretty easily, but that's not really a huge issue. I am in love!

  9. beautiful! i just got this bag myself! are you going to plan to wait to use it until the spring? or rock it in the winter? any tips for helping keep the handles clean? Ive never had such a brightly colored bag and am worried about getting it dirty.
  10. ^^ I've already used it! LOL. The handles didn't get dirty, it was more the corners/back of the bag. I just wiped it off with cold water gently after I used it and it's fine.
  11. what outfit did you pair it with? I demand modeling pics. just kidding. :cool:
    if you can, keep us posted about how the handles wear.
  12. Such a fun bag, and it does look like soft leather too. I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it :smile:
  13. gorgeous!
  14. So pretty!
  15. Just gorgeous!!! Love this bag!