My Obagi Journal

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    Hi all! I wanted to post my Obagi journal before I forget :biggrin:. Obagi is a relatively expensive line of skincare that promises to fade your acne scars and maybe make your skin appear more youthful. I am a 23 yr old asian, so no wrinkles here, but I've had acne since age 11 and I have never been able to go out without makeup.

    Currently I am on my 5th week of it, and it has not been an easy road but I am completely amazed by its results. I think I may have to go for 3 cycles, because I still can't really go out without foundation, but let me tell you -- I was about to drop $1k on lasers. Definitely I don't feel the need for that anymore.

    I got Obagi at an asian mall for $200, no RX (although I would recommend anyone trying it to have a doctor or at least an aesthetician's supervision because it's serious stuff).

    Day 1: My face is a bit warm, but nothing crazy.

    Day 2:
    My face feels like it's almost on fire. Reddish, warm and definitely noticeable from the rest of my face. However, this is a good sign that the Retin-A (.1%) is working. I've lightly scrubbed my face with a loofah to keep the flakes at bay. I was warned not to do this, but I scrubbed while I was on Accutane and it didn't damage my skin, so I hope this time around won't be any different. Although the warmth is a bit uncomfortable, this is a good sign that it will start working quickly.

    Day 3: The peeling has begun. It's pretty bad.. Even after light scrubbing and piling on Action, my skin still peeled all over. I almost had to cancel dinner, but hopefully no one really notices. (Okay, I went home after dinner and looked in the mirror--- AWFUL peeling. I should've stayed home)

    Day 4: I had to catch a 4 hour flight to DC, and when I woke up on the plane, my face was completely flaky! It was so embarassing, I had to walk around with sunglasses even at night until I got home. I was able to rub off all the flakes, per my mom's instructions: when washing your face, rub your hands in a circular motion with lukewarm water, gently until all the flakes have come off. then I applied Action all over and reapplied my foundation. I have since stopped scrubbing with the loofah because it doesn't help the flakiness at all. My face was burning hot, but the Action seemed to have calmed it down. Now I'm a bit more presentable, even if my skin looks dull.

    Day 5:
    Today I just stayed in and slept, which was good because I was tired of having to put on makeup over these flakes! My skin peeled mostly around my mouth and lower part of the face. I have to go out tomorrow night, so I did not put Clear or Retin-A on my lower face. I won't know if this is going to work for tomorrow. This stuff is no joke.. I've had 2 rounds of Accutane, and it still has nothing on Obagi!

    Day 6: I used the products only on my upper-to-mid face, and with my sunscreen over and a lot of eye cream on my lids and bags, my makeup went on smoothly! Yay! The redness was barely noticeable. I won't put on the Blender/Retin-A on the lower face tonight, and maybe avoid it for another day so the lower part of my face (which I don't need to fix up anyways) can calm down. My friends even complimented me on my glowing and clear skin! This is very reassuring.

    Day 7-32: I skipped the Retin-A for two days after day 7, and it made a world of difference. After I went back to using Retin-A, my face has not been as crazy red. It still peels in the afternoon around my mouth and chin, but I carry a tweezer around with me and just pluck the flakes off. In general, my skin has been reacting nicely to Obagi, and the notorious awful first few weeks has flown by. So I would say, if your skin is burning from the Retin-A, just take a day or two off at a time.

    Day 32: My face has gotten used to the Retin-A by now. It still peels once a day around my mouth and chin, but nothing that carrying a tweezer and Action won't fix. For the most part, my skin is a lot lighter and smoother after I put on foundation. I'm not ready to go out without makeup, but I'd say it's a 60% improvement. I feel much better about my skin now and can't wait for more results. I would recommend, if your skin is like mine, to start Obagi when you have a week off of work so you can suffer in the privacy of your own home :P and the rest is cake!
  2. I have been using RetinA for over 20 years and I still have that problem of the skin sloughing off around the chin and mouth. I use a dermabrasion cream at night to really get all the little flakes off. I still think it is weird that this is the only area that reacts like that since I consider that skin a lot less delicate than around the eyes, etc.
    Glad to hear you like Obaji. I have heard only wonderful things about it if you can get through that initial period.
  3. I had a prescription for Obagi C-RX and never went through any negative side effects (like peeling, redness, etc.). I thought the products were great although I didn't have much of a reduction in my hyper-pigmentation, which was the reason I bought the products in the first place.
  4. I have been using Obagi for years now and really changed my skin. On my first few days of application, I experienced the same thing with you but I really tried to manage not to used foundation during that time. Now, I am just using it as regular maintenance and use the Retin A and blender 1-2x a month.

    I am very happy with the results and I can go out any time make up free just tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss.
  5. Forgot to add, during the peeling stage, I used milk with cotton to remove the flakes. Just massage it all over and wash. So refreshing and it makes skin smooth too.
  6. ilovebrad, there is NOOOO way I could've gone without foundation. I looked like an Oompah Loompah :sad: I'll definitely try the milk with cotton trick, though.

    Anyone know how the cycles work? Do I take a week off in between each cycle?
  7. I go to my plastic surgeon for Obagi-C because it is prescription strength. I like it, but I would never buy it anywhere else other than at my doctor's office.
  8. That is fine, if you can't get away with foundation. It's just for me though, I didn't leave the house when I was peeling so there's no need of foundation and honestly, Im not really make up person. I only put make up when going to parties or dinners.

    Try the milk thing, it helps during peeling.

    Im not so sure with the cycle but when I was all cleared and happy with result, I skip the Retin A and blender but still maintain the facial wash, toner and exfoderm. I put a lot of moisturizer (La Mer)too before I sleep.

  9. I just started Obagi Nu-Derm and am on week 1. I have tried microdermabrasion but didn't think it helped much. I was going to try laser treatments but cost is a factor. I thought I would try this first.

    The first night I put too much on and was bright red the next day. I had to put aloe on my face because I couldn't stand the feeling.

    Day 2 I cut back on how much I put on and it helped. I peeled about day 3 and but used a wet cottonball to take off the flakes.

    My blackheads have dried up considerably (which is exciting since they are all over my face). I have acne scars around my chin and brown spots on my cheeks. I can definately see a reduction of both. Only 1 pimple so far but that's not anything abnormal for me.

    Sometimes I just put the treatment on my cheaks and other times I use it all over my face. The only side effects other than my face feeling tight and burned is that the wrinkles around my face are more pronounced. I use eye cream every day/night to at least give it some moisture. I heard this happens as your face is going through this process.

    I don't care for the SPF provided as it left my face looking white. Instead I use Peter Thomas Roth Uber-dry sunscreen spf 30. I love how it makes my skin feel.

    So far so good.
  10. I did the whole Obagi Nuderm thing about 15 years ago. At the time I was hoping to get rid of melasma on my face.

    The regime back then was to go through a 6 week course of using the combination of Retin A, Obagi Clear, and Obagi Blender. I went through 6 weeks of my face being red/itchy and massively peeling. In doing that you were supposed to be forcing your skin cells to turnover faster.

    I found it an incredibly unpleasant process, but incredibly effective. I was so happy I did it.

    The only thing I would wonder today is with all the laser treatments out there now is there a set of laser treatments that would end up with the same results.