My oak Bayswater is looking a bit grubby ~ any gentle cleansing tips??

  1. Hi there~ My Bayswater in Oak is looking a bit grubby... I`d like to give her a bit of light cleaning before popping her in her bag for the Winter. I probably won`t use her much as I am wary of taking her out in the rain and tend to use my black Roxy in the Winter. As I am overseas I don`t want to take her to a bag cleaners as I am afraid they will go overboard, so, does anyone have any home cleaning tips? Thx Vivi.
  2. mmm,I think a quick call to a Mulberry store might be your safest approach, they should be able to put you in the right direction,and give you peace of mind that you are treating and cleaning your bag the best way possible!!!xx
  3. I've used a regular leather cleaning lotion I bought from a shoe store on my Oak Bayswater. I use it gently with a cloth and it cleans it very nice, especially on the bottom corners that tend to get very dirty. After I clean it, I let it air for a day, and then I spray it again with the Collonil spray.

    Good luck!
  4. Use LORD SHERATON Leather Balsam!
    It is fantastic !
    I have used it on all my Mulberry bags and I have a few :smile:
    I do not like using the Colloni Waterstop spray as I find its sooooooo toxic!
  5. I was over at Mulberry's yesterday to see if I wanted an oad darwin Bayswater. They didn't have any, but I talked to the SA for like half an hour, especially about cleaning and weathering. He said it is impossible to remove stains and other irregularities - you can only prevent this from happening by sprayin A LOT! I was a bit dissapointed, but then he suddenly remembered his colleague (who was having lunch upstairs) has had her oak darwin bayswater for 4 years. He showed it to me and it was quite nice actually, looking like vintage luggage rather than a run down it-bag. You can always go to mulberry to ask if they know how to clean your bag, but don't get your hopes up though...