My Nylon Pradas!!

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  1. I am one of the Prada Nylon LOVERS:yahoo:, all of my Pradas are nylon, but one day soon I plan to be the proud owner of a leather Prada:biggrin:, but until then, here they are...:happydance:

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  2. wow, nice collection. How long have you been collecting them?
  3. Nice collection...I love nylon Prada...light to carry, and very roomy...thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow - am loving the black frame one especially. Although they are ALL lovely! I was into the leather at first, but now I REALLY want a big nylon tote. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice collection! Love the splashes of colour from your totes :biggrin:
    Im guessing you're a fan of SHW too by the looks of it!

    A resized family shot for everyone ;)
  6. woohoo! :woohoo: i like your collection, especially the black bag in the second picture with the pouches. very nice!
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  8. love the nylon prada
  9. pretty collection :biggrin: i started off as a tessuto fan too, anything that can have an excuse to get a cover or holder, it has t be prada :yahoo:

    do find leather conditioner or protectant to coat their leather trimmings and parts as they can 'crack' after long years of collection & non-regular usage ;)
  10. Love nylon too! Beautiful collection!

    btw: SHW = silver hardware
  11. nice collcetion...and colors
  12. Great collection, love the assortment. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow!!!! Great collection! Love Prada nylon..looks like you do too hehehe!
  14. I LOVE THEM ALL! Great collection!!!
  15. Lovely nylon pradas! I love nylon Pradas too :heart: