My Nyc Trip Stuff Has Arrived!pics!

    The belt has black leather woven in the middle of it(LOVES!)
    Grey gauffre...sigh...ADORE IT..Top and sides are ALL GREY LEATHER.front and back are nylon..way cool...and ONLY(!)1795-no tax cuz I shipped it
    nylon wallet wasnt bad..only buckle on front is too fun!
  2. so cute -- love your gauffres -- you have gotten me into them too just looking at yours.
  3. Love ur gauffres!!! So great for winter!
  4. Love the keychain! And...can we get a modeling picture of the new Gauffre? I'd love to see the size...

    Also - does that one come in any other colors?
  5. wow. i love the gauffre!!! :tup: it is gorgeous!! modeling pics please. i love the fact that it is leather and nylon and i am really loving the grey. congrats on all of your purchases... sounds like you guys had fun.
  6. Very pretty!!!!!!!! That belt is yummy and love the wallet buckle! I see why you had to buy it:tup:.

    Yes, gauffre modeling pics plz!
  7. LOVE the stuff.. all of it! That belt is so cool, the buckle is amazing! Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  8. Oh my, love it all! Especially the Gauffre :drool:
  9. everything is gorgeous Jill, love that belt. hot hot. post modeling pics of your new bag.
  10. LOVE the Grey!
    Jill you are truly the gauffre QUEEN!
    Please post a photo at some point of your entire gauffre family so we may oooooh and awwwwww.
    Cute keychain too!
  11. Love the gauffre! It'll be a great addition to your collection. And the keychain is super cute too.
  12. The keychain is cute, love that it opens too.

    Gauffre looks very interesting, enjoy.
  13. Especially love that the keychain purse opens. So cute!
  14. Beautiful, Jill! Love the Gauffre -- great combo of nylon and leather--great for winter! Actually, I love everything you bought! :smile:
  15. Jill oh Jill I love your stuff :p