my nyc sa sent me the spring order booklet, purple/red color code

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  1. the color code for spring act 1 for purple is 63726. saw the picture of the purple, kinda rosy purple, very pretty! does anyone own a bag w/ same color code?

    the red is 81665, different from the cruise red color code. any idea?
  2. Thanks for the info. I went into the Chanel Boutique the other day and the SA told me that the red might be brighter than the red caviar 2009 jumbo. I hope that is true.
  3. it is def brighter, we have 2 threads here discussing it =)
  4. is rosy purple a pink-ish purple?
  5. any pics of the purple? thanx..
  6. Do you have the actual list of Chanel items to be sold? I went to the trunk show and forgot to look at the pictures and codes & prices for the new shoes.
  7. My SA told me that the lambskin Maxi had the color code 81665. So I guess red lambskin flaps, no matter the size, will be of the same color, which has a hint of orange
  8. i do have a pic of the purple but in paper looks to me have pink undertone...
  9. i saw the shoes book...does not look interesting to me though...
  10. I want a red, red...rats!:blah:
  11. hi when will the purple come out? will it have gold or silver hw?
  12. what style of flap and leather come in purple color for this season?
  13. it will come in the jumbo classic lambskin