My NYC CL purchase

  1. I have long believed that the Pigalle would never be for me. The ones I came across were the black patent 130mm with the straight heel and they had a terrifyingly high pitch that there was no way I could manage them. And I do not scare easily with stilettos! Other ones I found were the sculpted heel and it is not a look that makes my heart skip a beat. Leave it to a trip to the 8th floor shoe salon at Saks to fill my long existing void. It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on the gray python 100mm Pigalle. It had all the elements to win me over: gray being one of my favorite colors, python being one of my favorite skins, and the Pigalle—a sexy shoe at a manageable height. I would eventually like to go higher, but I hope this works for me when I wear them out.


  2. WOW. I am not a huge fan of python in general, but these look amazing in gray!!!! Enjoy them lavender. They are amazing! It looks like you had a good time in NYC. hehe :smile:
  3. LavenderIce there are beautiful! Classic!! What a great find!!
  4. Thanks Asha! I did enjoy NYC and I cannot wait to go back.
  5. Thanks cjy!
  6. No modelling pics of these beauties? :sad:
  7. Not yet. I will when I wear them out in a couple of weeks.
  8. Way to go. They are sooo hot. :woohoo: I want to go to the 8th floor right now!!
  9. OMG! Those are gorgeous! I;m leaving for NY in a couple of weeks and I might have to check out the 8th floor;)
  10. Wow congrats, that shoe is just beautiful in that color (much more interesting than the brown). I can see why you fell in love. Wear them well. I was at Saks 8th floor shoe heaven today, and they are already sold out of that shoe!
  11. Thanks everyone. When I was trying them on there were only two sizes left in the gray. I am glad I got them when I did even though I did get them a half size smaller than my other CLs. I have found that with the Pigalles I need to size down.
  12. These are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  13. beautiful, I dont think I can wait weeks for modelling pics!! :p;)
  14. ooooooo
    Now these are really pretty! I love love love the grey! Great choice. Cant wait to see model pics!
  15. those are gorgeous!