my nude patent VPs are here, but they are DAMAGED!!!!


Jul 27, 2008
oh my god so i am really sad & upset right now...

as some of you may know, i bought a pair of very rare nude patent VPs with rose gold tip on ebay last week, with the 30% discount... i was anxiously awaiting their arrival from Britain...

and finally they arrived today, but as i took them out of the box and inspected them, i saw this HUGE GASH of the heel!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: i had not even tried it on yet!!! and the worst part is that NOWHERE in the listing does it state this damage! she states that she wore it once, had the soles repainted, but no mention of this! and she doesn't show any pictures of the back of the left heel which is damaged!!

here is the ebay listing:

i am so upset right now i don't know what to do... i BINed this auction for approximately $800 (RETAIL PRICE!!!), and with the cashback, will have spent $600 for them... should i return them and ask for a full refund including shipping... should i keep them as they are one of my HG shoes and who knows if i will ever find this pair again... try to have my cobbler fix it? i already brought it to him and he says because one of the gashes has no patent leather covering it whatsoever, the best he can do is mix some dye to cover it...

the worst part is that i exchanged several emails with this seller, and she has been nothing but lovely & polite, and i NEVER expected this from her, but how can she NOT HAVE SEEN THIS?!?!?!?!


what would YOU do?!?!??!! it is sooooo beautiful that i am ssooooooooooooo torn!!!!!!!!!!!! am i OVERREACTING?? is this something minimal, and i would probably end up ruining this shoe anyway, even if i bought it brand new??

i think what makes me most upset is that i was not expecting it... if she had stated it in her auction, that is another story as you are expecting something damaged, but when she states it is in near perfect condition, you set your hopes up...

here is the damage to the left heel:


and the shoe itself... which is perfect otherwise.




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Podiums? Mine.
Apr 1, 2008
Carlinha, I'm SO sorry...

ITA with Laureen...keep them and ask for a partial refund. If she is as kind to converse with as you state, she should have no problem doing this since she clearly did not disclose the full condition of these shoes.

For what it's worth, they look beautiful on you!


Oct 8, 2007
OMG that is some kind of gash. I know you are beside yourself. Please contact the seller and see what she says. In the meantime is there a good cobler near you so that you can get an opinion as to repair options????
Let us know what she says as soon as you hear from her! Good luck, so sorry this happened to you!


Podiums? Mine.
Apr 1, 2008
I had a similar problem with a seller on eBay and he refunded 25% of the total purchase price.

Have a dollar figure or a percentage in mind before you start the conversation with her, but don't disclose your figure until she offers a solution of her own...
Jun 21, 2008
Oh noooo!!! I am sooo sad for you. Sorry to hear that, I know how much you wanted these!!:crybaby:

Would you prefer the red tip or the gold tip? If you prefer the gold tip I would do as laureen say and ask for a partial refund.

I say afet for 50% and that way it can set the bar for negotiations, if she does not give you something that is not good for you then file a claim with paypal.

What is with these :cursing: people selling these messed up stuff? Do think no one would notice?


More is More
Mar 27, 2007
awful. so sorry this happened to you.

This is not a minor flaw. I would have preferred to know beforehand and THEN make a decision about the purchase. For sure mention the damage to the seller and see what they say and take it from there.

I personally would return them if a significant refund (at least 25%) is not going to work. If my shoes are going to get damaged I want to be the one doing it.


Let's get some shoes
May 10, 2007
Looking at the auction pictures, it is clear (to me) that she made sure not to show that angle of the heel, the one that would show the damage. There is no way this happened in transit. I think she knew about it and withheld it. I could never keep a shoe like that so I'd push for a refund (I think ebay would side you on this) but if you think you can live with it and try to get it repaired then bargain for a discount.

This is very shady on her part, not to mention incredibly dishonest. Good luck!


Apr 13, 2007
If you truly would prefer the gold over the red, ask for a partial refund. Eventually they will be marred and if you are the kind of person that would be okay with it, no big deal. However, some (and I kind of fall in this category) like to put my own marks on my items. If you are like that, insist upon returning b/c you will never be happy.

They do look wonderful on you.


Oct 30, 2006
Those are so pretty and with the discount you got a good deal. If your cobbler says he can make them look okay then I would just ask for a partial refund from the seller and then get them fixed.

Also, I just looked at the seller's feedback and it is not too good. I try not to buy from anyone with less than 99% positive feedback.


Jan 5, 2006
I may be the odd one out here, but several of my shoes have gotten damaged like that (sidewalk grates etc. are killer for high heels!) and I don't think it's that noticeable. If the gold tip is what you prefer I'd def. try to work something out with the seller, since they're HTF and I doubt that you'll be able to get another pair at that price, plus if you're planning on wearing them outside they'll probably end up getting damaged anyway. IMO the seller should offer you a partial refund since this type of damage definitely should've been disclosed in the auction. If the seller wont cooperate you could file a "significantly not as described" complaint with PP and see if that gets you anywhere. Good luck.