My Nude Patent NPs from NM is here~!!

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  1. Hello CL ladies~
    Fedex just delivered my nude patent NP ~yay~!
    I am in love with this pair~:heart: this is my first pair of NP..39.5 could've been perfect but this still fits me..what do you ladies think does it look small on me?
    IMG_7734.JPG IMG_7733.JPG IMG_7735.JPG
  2. WOW these look beautiful on you!:drool: Did you also have the April 2 arrival date!?

    (I am totally done! I ordered these too and decided that I would return as soon as I got them, because I don't need a third nude and I want a bbag! BOO I don't think I will be able to send them back)
  3. These nude NPs are just lovely, they look like they fit you perfectly. Congrats.
  4. so pretty!! i think they fit you fine
  5. :drool: I have these coming tomorrow!

    The 2nd picture looks like they're fine, but the 3rd picture looks like you could use 1/2 size bigger.
  6. CONGRATSS!!!! they fit your wonderfully!! I love the NP's and nude is just perfect!! I am still kicking myself for no ordering them
  7. I agree with wantmore. They might be a little snug. Is the third picture of you standing? Sometimes that makes the difference. Try to take a pic of yourself standing showing the back of the heels.

    They look fantastic on you!!!!
  8. Wow, they are really pretty. They look awesome on you. Congrats!
  9. Thanks ;) My arrival date they gave me was today April 1`
  10. Thank you all for sweet comments ladies...:heart::love: Even if I want 39.5 now there is no way I can find maybe I might have to keep it and hope it gets stretch as I wear them.
    NP nude is so pretty and feel comfy (just walked 5-6 steps)
    Cant wait to wear this beauty out but Chicago is still cold..:sad:
  11. Congrats!!
    They'll stretch with wear. I'm just praying someone returns one in my size, so I can snatch it up. :girlsigh:
  12. Congrats. They are beautiful, one of my fav. nude patent heels!

  13. LOL me too
  14. Since it is a slingback, you can get away with it being a little snug. I would bookmark the weblink and keep checking it because there might be returns now that they are being shipped out. Here is the link.....
  15. Congrats on those. I know they have been much anticipated!!! They look really good on you.