My November LV fix

  1. Ok, freshly back from Italy, I went today to my city's LV boutique to pick up some "goodies". I bought two small leather goods (one heat-stamped) and got two boxes, two bags as well as a nice catalogue. First class treatment with drinks and having a seat included.
    Here are some first pictures. I am sorry for the photo's poor quality, but they were taken with an old picture mobile phone. I am a LV geek, not a technology geek.
  2. i didn't know the new catalogue was out! cool cover! :nuts:
  3. Soooo what is it?? :smile:
  4. wow! thats the new catalog?
  5. I don't know if it's the new catalogue, but I assume it is. It was printed in August 2006, and includes pictures of Suhali Lockits, Mini Lin bags, Damier Azur, a black alligator Alma, an epi Cannelle Sirius suitcase, LV shoe care kit, the entire Groom line and the new perfo belts.
  6. More pictures:
  7. Oooooohhhh!! :smile: So what did you get?
  8. What did you get??? :nuts:
  9. Ok... I got a Monogram Billfold with 10 cc slots and a Damier Azur Pochette Cles (the only one they ever got, specifically reserved for me).
  10. Great choices! Enjoy!:yahoo:
  11. So cute, congrats!!
  12. I will enjoy them, although the Damier Azur PC won't see the sunlight until spring/summer.
  13. Where do you live? I'm in NJ so, I am not even gonna purchase my Damier Azur pieces until spring bc I won't use them til then anwyway. Unfortunately, spring seems so far away.....:sad:
  14. Austria... I bought the PC now simply because I want to own it, not because I want to use it for the time being.
  15. congrats! love azur