My "not so pink" Charlotte 24

  1. Hi girls!

    The postman came by today and brought me a parcel! Already knowing that it was my charlotte i ripped the thing off and what did i see???

    A rose charlotte and not the pink like i have in my avatar as i expected!:amazed: :huh:

    I was a bit upset at first but then i looked at it again and i fell in love with it! Although i am still dying to have a pink one :cry: :cry: :cry:

    My bf called the SA in paris and she said that this is the only "pink" that exists. GD used to make a dark rose (like my avatar) but that was last winter.
    So no pink for me:sad2:

    Please ladies, look at the pics and tell me your honest opinion about the bag!!!
    rose1.JPG rose2.JPG rose3.JPG rose4.JPG
  2. ohhhhhhhh
    it is so pretty!!
    and you know that i'm not a great fan of pink, but i really like this!
  3. I think it's pretty! Very Spring.
  4. I actually prefer this colour!! great bag!!!
  5. i keep comparing it to the pink one :cry:
  6. sorry...hope it grows on you...
  7. Beautiful bag, darelgirl - it's as pretty as the one in your avatar.
  8. but unfortunately the pink one is not produced anymore:cry:

    you like this one? if not, send it back!
  9. This pink might be better--the other pink is a little too "bubblegum" like... But this is a nice pale pink--it sorta reminds me of MJ's blush and Celine's powder. I think that makes the bag look fresh and springy! It's also a great alternative to white--but still a pale color.

    BUT if you don't like it--don't make yourself like it.
  10. Oh I can't stand how beautiful that is!!! I'd carry that year round. Darn I am going to have to get one in this color at some point. Can you order this color in the US anywhere???
  11. Oh, I like the lighter pink much better. It is beautiful.
  12. Darelgirl,

    The bag is very pretty! I know how much you wanted the dark rose though... Have you seen this rose glace GD on eBay? It is the color you like, but the shape is a bit different.

  13. If you don't like this style, you can keep checking eBay, I've seen many old Darels show up there. I'm sure a dark rose one will also appear :smile:
  14. oops, sorry I messed up here lol.
  15. I like it very much! I wouldn't let it go!!!! It is just that all this obsession started with this pink bag in my avatar!!!

    I will keep the pale pink! It is really gorgeous!:love:

    Divina I know, i will have to make my piece with it:amuse:

    Twinklette I don't think that u will find it in the US. my SA sent me the last one available in france. it is from past season! Maybe GD is going to produce another rose color for summer!!!

    spiralsnowman i saw that bag on ebay. i don't like the shape of it and the color seems doesn't look like my avatar pic!