My not so great find at TJ Maxx!

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  1. So they had Bleecker Flaps, and pouches, and lots of wallets and then this horrible monstrosity:



    In case you can't read the price they are selling it for $139.99

    So I took it to one of the employees and said something along the lines, that this is a fake, you may want to take it off the floor, etc, etc. I even pointed out to her all the reasons why it was fake (zipper, alignment, icky fabric. fake leather, hangtag) and she kept saying to me, "We got in alot of bags this past week." Not caring that this was a total fake. I mean really what should have I expected.

    So um okay.

    I did save some other customer from buying it though. She was looking at it and a Chocolate Signature Bleecker Flap bag, and I told her, "You don't want to buy this one, it's fake." And I pointed out why it was fake. I think she wound up getting the Bleecker though which was real.

    They had some one Legacy white leather wallet (79.99) as well as some of the Ergo mini wallets. Oh and a Cotton Signature Wristlet (like the cotton Carlys from last year) for $39.99 My only complaint was they stuck the security tags *through* the leather centers on the wallets.
  2. :wtf: OMG!!! I can't believe that that :censor: happens!!!
  3. Wow.... but I'm glad that tPFer found it and pulled it out so that someone less knowledgeable about Coach didn't get ripped off! How unfortunate that they didn't do anything about it though! WTF?
  4. Yes, this is FAKE!! Hey, you TRIED!!!

    I also found a fake at Maxx before...they definitely don't care at my store either. I wasn't sure the manager believed me in fact, and she put it behind the counter. I bet it went back out on the floor the minute I left!!

    I also HATE how they have such little regard to the placement of security devices, especially wallets! I guess that's what you get in a place like this (people that don't give a crap), but seriously, it's like they have NO common sense or regard for anything!! A D&B wallet I picked up actually had a tear in it from the stupid tag, and it had been marked down on clearance because of that I'm sure.
  5. :wtf: :yucky: OMG, how awful! I can't believe they wouldn't take it off the floor! Some poor, unsuspecting person is going to end up buying it! :sad:

    I just re-read your post again and wasn't clear whether they actually ended up taking it off the floor or not. I hope they did and I hope some other employee doesn't put it back.
  6. :throwup: That is really sad.. especially for the customers that think it is real because they are buying it there... and I hear you on the security tags.. just had my own vent thread on that whole mess :mad:
  7. Ewwww, I stopped byt this morning before work and found like three bags only (soho flap), too expensive in my opinion. There is better deals at the outlets.
  8. I've seen a fake at least once before at TJ's too and yeah, they don't care.
  9. No...they didn't take it off the I wound up leaving it where I found it after I took the picture. I was able to educate another customer though. But yeah, I mean I know we are getting a good deal, but still...
  10. I took a quick look at the picture and then another. I was trying to count how many things there are wrong with tote.

    We should play a game and name the things wrong!

    Glad you told someone and help another from buying it!
  11. I'm still new to coach. What about the creed makes it fake? The numbers? The location?
  12. this is TERRIBLE!! does the coach corporate office know about all these fakes at TJ Maxx?
  13. How gross!! Which Tj's was it Krispin? At least at my Marshalls the people were smart to just put an anti theft device around the strap and not through the bag or strap!!
  14. The one at Almaden.

    As for what's wrong with it burgandy, here goes:

    Signature Stripe Totes had a dogleash closure not a zipper. Alignment is off (C's would be centered down the front of the bag), alignment is off at the seams (they would match up). Fake leather. Horrible stitching. As for the creed, it has odd spacing and is a huge run-on sentence. ANd the font is different. Also missing zipper loop on inside pocket as well as luggage tag and snap. Coach hang-tag would have been leather and not metal. And the fabric did not have that sheen that real Coach bags do.

    Here is the Drill-down picture:


    And here is my Parchment version (the larger style):


    And my black and white version:


    The Signature Stripe line is one of my favorites so I am very well versed on what these bags should look like.

    Hope this helps. My Mom had never seen a fake bag up close today either so this really helped her.
  15. Seriously, I cant believe there was a fake. Do you think someone did a switch?