My Not So Black Black Coco

  1. I had to share with you ladies my latest Choo. This has been one of the best little "order screwups" I personally have ever encountered. I ordered it in black and it showed up in this gorgeous teal blue!:yahoo:

    I still need a black evening bag though. Oh well, I guess I can now justify a black Carissa when they hopefully go on sale next month:graucho:


    coco 1.jpg coco 2.jpg
  2. Wow! That is SO pretty! Blue is my favorite color, so any of the colors that fall into that catagory are simply divine to me....teal, aqua, etc.

    I can see why you're keeping the bag, it is just so beautiful in that color! :love:
  3. Samantha, it's gorgeous:love:. I'm also on the lookout for a black evening bag with a diamanté/ silver detail and I like Coco more than Carissa or Cent. So Coco is available in black with silver/ diamanté handle? The problem is I can lay my hands on stuff only thru the JC site or Nap, and I don't recall seeing Coco on either. Maybe I can request it thru the JC site..?
  4. Gorgeous little evening bag! I'd even wear it with jeans and a black sweater in the daylight!
  5. :tup:It's absolutely gorgeous!:yes:

  6. I love the color. And perhaps they knew what they were doing when they screwed up :ninja:
  7. Congrats Samantha, it very stunning, enjoy it! :nuts:
  8. Samantha, the clutch is a gorgeous shade of blue/teal. I think it would pair wonderfully with a lot of outfits. And as you said, now you can look for another clutch - in black.
  9. What's the word? Oh, yeah...S-E-R-E-N-D-I-P-I-T-Y :choochoo: :woohoo: :choochoo:
  10. What a Gorgeous color :drool: Samantha

    I can definitely see you wearing that bag with many different outfits :cutesy:

    Now you'll have to go order the one in black :happydance:
  11. ^ I agree with Robyn! Since most of us have decided that owning more than one bag in the same style is A-OK, this is definitely a bag I wouldn't mind owning in more than one color! It would look completely different in black but be just as stunning! :love:
  12. I love the teal!! It should look fantastic with so many colors!!
  13. :drool: gorgeous, love the justification to get the clarissa in black as well.
  14. The black Coco was on sale yesterday at the JC site. Decided not to buy it because the diamanté part was yellow gold. I have black satin JC evening shoes with wg/ diamanté detail and I need a bag to go with those.
  15. oooohhh, that's so pretty!