My nose surgery with Ruby Plastic Surgery

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Nov 15, 2019
It’s been a month since I did my nose surgery in Korea. I want to share my story and review of Ruby Plastic Surgery for the people who are considering and planning to do surgery and for someone who needs advice and information about plastic surgery in Korea.

Why I choose Ruby Plastic Surgery
I had a small and short nose and I didn’t like it because when I take a photo or selfie, my nose was small and flat compare to others. I tried to cover up with make-up but I wasn’t enough. I decided to travel to Seoul to get surgery because Korea is well-known for plastic surgery. while I was looking for a clinic in Korea one of my close friend recommended me a Ruby Plastic Surgery. She said one of her relatives had surgery in Ruby and she’s very satisfied with the result. So, I went to their website and got a free consultation through Line.

I stayed in Seoul for 9days. On the first day of my trip, I visited Ruby Plastic Surgery Clinic located in Sinsa-dong. The clinic was just in front of the subway station and close to the Garosu-gil which is a popular site among young Koreans. The clinic was nice. The medical staff greeted me with a smile and it was very neat. My consultant was fluent in English so I didn’t have a problem with communication. My main concern was a flat nose. Dr. Ko recommended me to insert silicon and donated cartilage to improve my flat and short nose. They showed me before and after photo of the nose surgery and told me this will make a much nicer look.

Surgery day
I got the surgery on the next day of consultation. I was quite nervous because It was my first time to do plastic surgery and I was surrounded by Korean staff who can barely communicate with me. But my English-speaking consultant was kept talking to me and always stand by my side. Thanks to her I didn’t feel I was alone and felt much relieved. Before the surgery, I change my clothes, wash my face, sign the agreement for the operation and see the doctor for a final check. The surgery took about 2 hours and I didn’t feel any pain after the surgery. I couldn’t breathe with my nose because it was filled with cotton. My face was covered with the bandage and it was swollen.

After the surgery
I went back to the clinic the day after the surgery for disinfection and removed the cotton inside my nose. The seventh day was my last day with Clinic and they removed the bandage, stitched out the thread and see the doctor for the final check before leaving Korea. Every time when I visit the clinic, I also had laser treatment that helps me to reduce swelling and I think this helped me to recover a bit faster. And my nose was bleeding after taking out the cotton. I was quite worried bleeding but they say It will help me to recover faster otherwise it might cause a hematoma

My total review
Whenever I revisit the clinic English speaking consultant was with me and I felt that they are really caring about me. I asked many questions and they nicely answered me back in detail. While doing a consultation with the doctor he tried to reflect all my requests and suggest better operation methods for better looking. Now I have a higher nose and I look more pretty in a picture. I am very happy with the result and choosing Ruby Plastic surgery was the right decision. I hope this was helpful for your decision and consideration of plastic surgery!
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