my nordstroms mistake bag

  1. So as I posted previously, Nordstroms made a mistake of sending me a campeggio along with a denaro I chargesent. I got the bag today and it is rather nice (lots of variety of characters). However, I already got one off of eBay for probably a couple dollars less after shipping. (I was actually shocked I won the bid because I threw down my maximum and I went off to work, came back and found out I won it). Which one should I keep do you guys think? I love how the eBay one has ciaociao and adios all over it, but it seems like the bag from Nordy's seems brighter. (eBay bag first two on left, Nordies bag second two on right)
    298d_12.jpg 2a08_12.jpg DSC009002.JPG DSC008992.JPG
  2. Whiskers, Both are nice but I vot for the right one..the one from Nordie, I like the color better and I like how the Ciao2 is centered with two sets of lattes .
  3. I like the right one (nordstrom). There are more lattes! The print isn't as repeated as the ebay one. I like more diversity. I mean, how many adios and ciao ciao do you need? hehe

    The back of the right one is nicer too. More lattes! lol

    but it's entirely your opinion :smile:
  4. Yeah, they are both great. I don't know which bag to keep.
  5. I like the one on the right better.
  6. right it's less repetitive
  7. i like the right :biggrin:
  8. Man, I'm starting to lean to the right one now. I guess I'll see when the ebay one comes in. Maybe it is better in real life. HAHA. I just love my ciaos and adios. My mom was like, "Hmm. . . Isn't that a little colorful? Well, at least you know a guy is not going to steal it or something."
  9. I like the right one better too....but you cannot really return your ebay purchase right? So can you return you ebay one to nordie?
  10. I think it depends on which characters you like the best...if you love the adios couple...the ebay bag is the one....
  11. haha such a great thing to say :smile:

    I say wait until you get the eBay one. Since you :heart: adios and ciao ciao you might want it more. it's like the members who love the lattes and moofia will get tons of them on their stuff :yes:

  12. Hmm.. . I didn't think about that. Maybe since all the labels are the same, just would have to transfer the sticker. otherwise, I'd probably just sell it or something.
  13. Wow they both look nice but I like the one on the right more.
  14. I prefer the one on the right... It would be easy to return the ebay one instead of the nordies one, just put the return label (if they use one) on the ebay purchase... And if they don't use one, just bring the ebay one with the receipt... Should have the same sku