My non-CL sale finds

  1. I have always wanted a pair of Lanvin ballet flats, not just for the shoe itself, but for the beautiful box. I think I wanted the box as much as the shoe. :graucho: Because I have spent a fortune on Louboutins I have been waiting for them to go on sale. Barneys in San Francisco did not have styles or sizes for me and I sure was not going to go through for them. I managed to find some at Intermix in Las Vegas.

    The box (much like the box for Repetto):

    My first pair of Lanvins in voilet:

    I also got a pair of Luciano Padovans. I think they look like CL yoyos:
  2. gorgeous Gorgeous GOURGEOUS! especially the nude yo yos....
  3. Congrats and enjoy! Lanvin flats are amazingly comfortable..I am starting to wear them less now though because I have found so many other cute flats. Those shoes do look like the yoyos!
  4. love em they are so gorgeous
  5. What an exquisite pair of Lanvin flats!
  6. Lav, you've got me all excited about Lanvin flats now!!! Can't wait to get a pair!
  7. Always fab, Lavender! I love the color of the Lanvin flats, and love those LPs!
  8. gorgeous finds! love the lanvin flats.
  9. Thanks everyone! They were an early Christmas present to me from me. :p The best part was scoring them on sale.
  10. Those are both beautiful! I don't have any Lanvins but I've been thinking about getting some.
  11. hi girl! yes, i came all the way other here from the b-bag forum just to check out your shoes. you already know that i love your violet lanvin and your padovan when you tried them on in the store. they both looked fabulous on you:love:! and you will always look hot and sexy and in your CLs because you know how to strut your stuff in those heels. for me, i would fall over on my face. anyways, enjoy your shoes and let's take another shopping trip soon!