My NM KOP Pre-Sale find

  1. Hey everyone. I've been MIA from the forum for a while (busy, busy, busy) but I had to share my Pre-Sale find from the weekend...

    A white mini bowling :yahoo:Only $720! :nuts: I have to wait until Friday to pick her up though.

    For anyone who's interested they also had a FB medium matelasse :drool:, aqua medium matelasse, a brown bowling (maybe truffle?) and a few non-moto bags.
  2. Congrats!! I have wanted that exact bag ever since I first laid eyes on it. LOVE the style and especially love it in white! :yahoo:
  3. Lucky you!

    Post pictures please!!!
  4. Wow - fab bag can't wait to see pics!:smile:
  5. Thanks all. Yes, I will have to post pics when I get her. I never got around to posting pics last time I got a new b-bag, so maybe I'll make it a family pic :graucho:
  6. Does anyone know if the 2006 white is more of an off-white? My mini bowling is from 2006 (not sure if s/s or f/w) and it is not a bright white. It's more of an off-white, cream-ish color. Is that just characteristic of the 2006 white? Or did I get a dirty bag? (It didn't look dirty or used...but you never know with NM).

    She's a keeper anyway, I'm just curious...
  7. Lucky You .. :woohoo::woohoo:
  8. :yahoo:Hooray! I got a minibowling on NM presale as well (in black). Can't wait to get it!!!
  9. congrats!
    i wish Holt Renfrew in Canada does the same thing too!
  10. YEAH! CONGRATS! I can't wait until I find a Mini Bowling in a color I want. Can't wait to see pics!
  11. Congrats!!! I swear~ all the bowling bags have the greatest leather!!!!

  12. Bump.

    Can anyone give me a little more info about the 2006 white? I was doing a little research in the documenting colors thread and it looks like other peoples 2006 white bags are more of a winter white too, correct?
  13. ^Try calling Aloha Rag, they have a white bag in stock now which I believe was from 06. They are usually pretty informed about those things.
  14. I think that many of the white pics tend to "whiten" the bags.

    My 05 white work is really more of a bone color. This is a pretty accurate pic:

  15. I was over there on holiday and was going to post about the FB Matelasse! It really is a beautiful bag...was this close to buying it! The SA was lovely, she would have sold it to me for the discounted price as I left on Tuesday, but I had already spent way too much $$$
    Hope someone here snags it!! They also had the Grande Matelasse in truffle I believe...
    Congrats on your mini bowling!!