My niece wants Louis Vuitton!!!

  1. I have a niece that I love very much. She likes to sit next to me whenever I go online checking the or eBay. She likes to go shopping with me and once she accompany me to the LV store and she enjoyed it. Last night she told me that she wants LV bag. FYI, she is still 6 years old, she knows major designer labels and she has some of the designer's stuffs, and yes, I think I spoilt her too much. I want to give her the LV bag, but since she is 6 years old I want to buy something for her that looks cute but not easily get dirty. Should I buy the new one or the pre owned one? Attached is her picture, any suggestion which bag should I buy for her? Thank you.
  2. she's so cute! what a precious little girl. how about a black mc pochette; it might be too big for her now, but she'll definitely grow into it.
  3. what about a mini HL?
  4. aww what a lucky little girl, how about a mini accessories pochette? or maybe a petite noe? that would be so cute!!
  5. I was thinking the pochette too ... in Damier Ebene, no vachetta to worry about!
  6. agreed! the petite noe would be so cute on her =] of a cute little messenger style bag...i don't have one in mind
  7. I agree! :tup: That cutie would look so cute carrying one!
  8. Cute, get her a Mini Sac HL, maybe in MC?
  9. A mini HL or a wapity...the wapity is something she can always use and would be good relative to her current size.
  10. first i thought about mini sac, but then the mini noe is a great idea too.
  11. My concern when I hear of young children getting LV is: aren't you afraid they might get mugged or are they only allowed to use it when grownups are around?
  12. I posted a thread like this awhile ago about getting my daughter a LV and I got some negative comments about it and one was even pretty nasty by calling me names.

    In any case, see if she likes over the shoulder, hand held, etc. Maybe you can go to LV with her and let her pick her own. I look at LV for young children as an investment that she can grow with and it never depreciates.

    I gave my daughtere a LV Cherry Blossom pochette cles for her 1st Xmas. She seems show a real interest in LV and always plays with my Croissant PM so it now belongs to her.

    I think a mini pochette or HL mini would be super cute. The mini noe is cute too but probably slightly big for now.

    Have fun with her!
  13. Oh I would recommend a wapity... or a mini pochette. :tup:
  14. I will never let her go out of the house alone, she can use it if I'm or her parents around. I know how dangerous it is nowadays. Thank you for your concern. :smile:
  15. VUITTON_BOY: be prepared for some harsh criticism about children and LVs. there have been threads in the past where mothers felt very alienated about this issue. some have gone as far as to question parenting skills.

    but back on topic. maybe a mini pochette? :smile: