my Nicky Hilton Chanel bag

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  1. I love my Modern Chain! And it doesn't scratch easily at all; in fact, it's one of my most hardy Chanel bags. At the end of the day I wipe it down with a baby wipe and it's good as new!

    The price of the this style (last fall) is $2225 but for the new fall season the price has increased to $2750. The newer styles have different leather (glazed calfskin) and a shiny silver chain versus the antiqued silver chain of last fall.
  2. Roey - so good to hear your thoughts on the scratching.
    I love the antique chain and am so tempted, but was told ever fingernail mark shows and it was horrid.
  3. It's not that bad really. There is a finish on the leather so it's not completely raw. There was one time I hit it up against a doorjam and it marked the side of the bag, but the mark rubbed right out. The black could be different than grey due to the coloring process of the hide. Colors can react differently to the process and affect the texture of the leather.
  4. I don't think it scrathes that much. I used it to school, work, everywhere.. and until now, it still looks perfect. No scratches yet.

    I heard the new fall season has shinnier leather.
    NM is having Chanel Trunk show.. you can check it out.
  5. WOW!! I love it. Congrats!
  6. Beautiful bag !! :yes:
  7. Congrats. Very pretty..
  8. This is a really old thread. :confused1:
  9. :oh: This thread is from 07...
  10. Congrats! Would love that for everyday bag