my Nicky Hilton Chanel bag

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  1. Welcome to TPF- your bag is very pretty
  2. love your MC tote! congrats, and welcome to tPF :smile:
  3. Jenn, oh yes definitely I still have the red. It's a fabulous bag. Congrats on the white one. Did I miss the thread where you posted pics?
  4. Thanks. Welcome to the Chanel subforum.:flowers:
  5. Mon: LOL, no pics yet. I will post some soon though. I *love* this bag.:heart:
  6. I like it better as a coco cabas. great choice !
  7. congrats! it is gorgeous!
  8. Love It!
  9. Great bag, welcome to the forum
  10. Congratulations and welcome!!! I just bought this bag myself a couple of weeks ago and i adore it!!! I was looking for this for months but it was worth the wait!!!
  11. Veryyyy pretty!!! :biggrin:
  12. Love that on you!!..and welcome to the PF!!:yahoo:
  13. It's such a beautiful bag!! Congrats!!
  14. Great choice, congrats and enjoy! Welcome to the Chanel subforum!:yes:
  15. Oh!! So stunning bag. Congrats!