my next purchase..

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  1. i've been wanting the hudson pm and the manhattan gm for the longest time. i can only get one out of the two so i was wondering if you guys could tell me the pros and cons of each. which do you like better?

  2. Manhattan GM gets my vote.
  3. Manhattan GM!
  4. Manhattan GM !!! I looove it !!!:hysteric:
  5. i have the Manhattan GM and i love it. but if you're looking for more of an everyday bag, then the Hudson PM might be better. it's not as heavy as the Manhattan, and easier to carry on the shoulder
  6. Another vote for Manhattan GM. I don't really like how the Hudson looks period.
  7. manhattan gm look very lovely!
  8. manhattan, never liked hudson either.

  9. I agree. And it really comes down to whether you want a shoulder bag or a hand held bag,as mentioned before. :yes:
  10. Manhattan gets my vote!!!
  11. i love manhattan GM!!!!! but its just too expensive for me now...:sad:
  12. Manhattan. That's one of my faves!
  13. i don't know what the hudson looks like so I'll say manhattan! hahah..
  14. Get the Manhattan GM! That is one of my favorite bags. I can't wait to get one, too! Good luck with your decision. Either way, they're both gorgeous bags!
  15. manhattan gm :heart: