My next purchase needs your opinion!!


which should my next purchase be? (i'm 5'1 & petite)

  1. azur saleya mm

  2. azur saleya pm

  3. tivoli pm

  4. neverfull mm

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  1. i know it won't happen any time soon.. but i'm already pretty excited about getting new pieces already. so here are my options:

    - Tivoli PM (will definitely get it one day, after this WL rush and all because some ppl complained about the quality getting worse etc.)

    - saleya pm or mm (also a definitely, i've always wanted an azur piece and the speedy seems too common... but i'm not sure if i should get the mm or the pm)

    - neverfull pm or mm (just because it's the most affordable and i like the interior design of the canvas, but i do prefer the saleya over this one.... saleya is 2x the price though)

    - save up the money for le tal (i think i'm falling in love with the bag, but do you guys think it looks a little too mature? very elegant and office-lady-like, but man the price is just too high for me right now)

    if i'm getting anything mono, i'll get the pochette wallet or T&B accessories pouch to go along with it, if i'm getting the azur, i'll definitely get the koala wallet. so what do you guys think (i can only get one bag and one piece of accessory/wallet)?
  2. I like the azur saleya. I'd save my money for an azur piece. I have the speedy 30 and love it, but I'm a speedy gal!!
  3. i like the tivoli the best!!!
  4. Love the Tivoli!
  5. Hmmmm I would get the Saleya first since you like the style and you like azur. Then after a bit I would get the Tivoli. Then later on you can get the Suhali =) But first get the Saleya..... it's a nice bag and you're right, not as common as the Speedy. The Koala is a great wallet!
  6. I vote for Tivoli. I have the GM and LVoe it!!!
  7. Saving up for the Le Tal would be my plan as that bag is amazing. But if you have doubts I would go for the Tivoli, also very very cute!
  8. i say save your money for the new bags releasing after march. ^____^
  9. neverfull or saleya
  10. With Spring/Summer fast approaching I voted for the Saleya Azur, and I picked the PM since you're petite in size.
  11. Out of your choices, I'd go for the TIVOLI. :yes:
  12. Why not just wait for azur neverfull ? :graucho:
  13. azur saleya pm
  14. I would say get the Azur Saleya in either PM or MM. I have the Saleya in MM and I love it. Good luck with your choice but whichever you choose, I am sure you will get lots of great use out of it.
  15. it's funny because i don't want the neverfull to be in azur.. lol i think i'm weird or something.. because i really do prefer the look of mono on the neverfull (as well as the nice interior). oh man.. i'm lusting for all three of them... and i want the galliera pm too.. sigh* i wish someday money would just rain on me =P