My Next Obsession

  1. I wasn't impressed so much with the Mono lockit bags, but then I saw this one...


    ...and I'm possessed! :drool: Hopefully these will still be available this summer when I'll have the money.
  2. Wow.... that is a beauty!!!
  3. I love this bag:heart:
  4. The Suhali lockit is just...:drool: :drool: . It's gorgeous and soooo classy, I hope you get one so we can drool over your pics.:p
  5. Love it.
  6. stunning bag.
  7. That bag is beautiful!:love:
  8. yes..that bag is TDF! total drool worthy!
  9. Ditto!:yes:
  10. I hope you get it!!! :nuts:
  11. Love it! I just got the black one for Christmas and I almost exchanged it for the white. But decided to keep the black...but the white is on my 'list'.

    Hope you get it!
  12. i want my mom to get this (so i can wear it when im older.....he, he, he!) it is absolutley goregues!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. I am in love with this bag in the sienne!!!
  15. it's stunning~~ Get it Get it, you must get it~:devil: