My next new bag......

  1. I am totally in LOVE with white, and ergo, annnnd I've been looking for a bag for my laptop for awhile and this is it!!!!!

    [​IMG] :heart::heart:

    I'll just sit here and drool over it for awhile! :drool::drool:
  2. Wow that is a great color combination! I love it :tup:
  3. Beautiful! You can never go wrong with an Ergo tote! They are so comfortable to wear and look great!!!:tup:
  4. Really cute!
  5. cute! :tup:
  6. candac3mari3, I have this bag in black leather and my laptop didn't fit so well in it, unfortunately. It's possible that our laptops are different sizes, which would definitely make a difference, but the bag wasn't quite big enough and my laptop seemed quite wobbly in it. What size is your laptop?

    It's a cute bag, though, and I think it would look great with a cute ponytail scarf!
  7. Cute bag ! YEs a scarf would look so cute on this for spring !
  8. Ooooh! I'm really liking that bag! You have me thinking now! ;)
  9. i have a macbook, and i actually took it into the store a couple months ago and made sure it fit.. but i only tried the leather one, are the leather and signature different sizes??
  10. So cute! I just ordered the belted leather magazine tote in plum as a birthday present for myself. I love everything Ergo!!
  11. oh shoot this one might not work, I just remembered i tried it in the large ergo tote.... darn it!!
  12. Awesome choice. What size laptop do you have ?
  13. Love the white on it.
  14. You know you could always buy a laptop to fit in your bag:graucho:
    get the bag first then take it to the computer store and find a perfect laptop to fit in it :roflmfao:

    I like the white color , it looks nice for spring
  15. Is this in the hobo too? I love khaki white.