My Next LV


Which one would you choose?

  1. Damier Papillon 30

  2. Batignolles

  3. Reade PM

  4. None of these!

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  1. I'm considering a Damier Papillon 30, a Batignolles, and a Framboise Reade PM. Which one would you pick, and why? I need to pick one but just can't decide. If you personally own any of these bags, please post pictures and tell me why you love it or can't live without it :yes: Thank you!

    (For reference, I already own a Speedy 25, a Pochette Accessories, a Key cles, and a Small Agenda... all in monogram.)
  2. I think the damier looks the best in the papillon style! My mom recently took my damier pap 30 so I had to run out and buy a mono pap 30 since I LOVE the funky cute barrel shape. Here's a pix of my papillon sisters. :love: I know I'm a barrel bag freak...


    Get a damier pap since you have so many mono already.
  3. how about a epi Soufflot ?they are very cute and stylish :yes:
  4. I really like the reade, but it's open top.. so I'd go with the damier pap, it's different from your other bags and the shape is so cute !
  5. the damier papillion is very cute :smile: can't decide betw voting for that and the bagtinolles! :love: good luck! let us know what u decide!
  6. i misread when i voted. i thought the bagitonelles = BH. of those choices i like the pap 30 best. :smile:

    reade pm: vernis scares me. not durable enough for the money.
    bgitonelles: not a fan of the shape/ looks oddly perportioned to me. and you have a handheld bag.
    pap 30: it's cute! and you get a prize for buying it (yay makeup bag). plus it can be shoulder or handheld and dresses up or down. it seems very versital.
  7. I thought that the Batignolles could be worn on the shoulder? I've seen a picture of Sophia wearing hers on her shoulder, and I'm probably around the same size as her. I don't have any true shoulder bags... just tote bags that have handles that are JUST big enough for me to slip onto my shoulder.
  8. Question about the papillon: I'm a smaller gal, is it a bulky bag? It looks like it might be a bit bulky and I don't want my arm to stick out really far hehe. I looked up the dimensions and it's 12x6x6. The pap 26 is 10x6x6. Can the 26 be worn on the shoulder also?
  9. Wow! Gorgeous! I was hoping to not break the 1,000USD mark though :cry:
  10. oh.....but the price on Elux showed $1040..just $40 over ur budget and its such a gorgeous bag :graucho:
  11. what a nice family!!!:graucho: :graucho:
  12. i did a search and saw sophia's...the straps are adjustable and i suppose if you're tiny it might fit but even the SA called it handheld bag. i would think it uncomfy...the straps were really short. it's cute, but i didn't find it very practical when i tried it on in the boutique.

    you should go try them on. something will jump out at you and you'll KNOW. :yes:

    hope that helps! :smile:
  13. i vote for the damier papillon.
  14. Go for the Damier Pap 30. Two bags for the price of one... now thats a BARGAIN you can't miss
  15. I voted for the damier pap.