My next LV, suggestions?

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  1. So, it's spring (even in my location I, where it may still snow) and I definitely need a new bag!

    This time I prefer something bigger, because lately I have bought smaller bags.

    My options are: Tivoli GM (I have PM and love it), Noe regular size damier azur or Totally PM or GM damier azur (damier azur would be lovely in the spring light) or Speedy classic or bandouliere in mono, de or da.

    Then again, I already have decided to buy a Speedy sooner or later before the next price increse, so maybe for the spring bag I woul choose something else. Or not :smile:

    Which of these would you choose? I'm open for suggestions, too!
  2. Speedy b in mono! I have the regular speedy but if your funds are flexible go for the b!!!