My next LV style....

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  1. I have a dilema. What should my next style LV be? I have 2 pieces in Mono canvas, 1 in Epi, 1 in Denim, and 2 in MC (one black, one white) I was looking at the Vernis or Damier for my next piece, and would like it to be a shoulder bag, or wallet. Any suggestions? Thanks! aw:biggrin:
  2. i think the new zippy wallet in damier is so cute
  3. Damier!
  4. Seleya !!
  5. If you're interested I just heard through the pursevine, that they're coming out with the damier speedy in the summer. Otherwise, how about the IIIovo MM[​IMG]
  6. Vernis Reade in pink for vday!
  7. :huh:h a damier speedy? That would be NICE!
  8. My mom got this one and she actually hates it and I was the one who bought it for her too. :cry: She said it keeps getting squash under her arm and it won't hold its shape since she has to constantly adjust the shape of it. So now she wants a new one. :lol:

    I would suggest anything damier too...
  9. Thanks for the info., I was thinking of this bag myself...:amazed: I think I'll wait for the damier speedy.
  10. A Vernis french purse wallet!
  11. I agree in Framboise:love:
  12. damier: saleya or duomo
  13. Something Damier. My next piece is going to be Ribera Mini!!!
    I:love: it!!!
  14. Vernis in framboise.
  15. Thank you everyone for your suggestions!! The zippy wallet in Damier is cute! And anything Vernis in Framboise..Maybe a Houston? Keep your suggestions coming! I appreciate your help. Thank you! :smile: