My Next Hermes. Suggestions?

  1. Hey people!

    I am hooked to Hermes already. I was thinking on buying myself another Hermes bag since I had saved for a Birkin anyway before I was surprised with my Orange Togo 35cm Birkin for the New Year.

    Any suggestions for what I should go for?

    I am 5 9', 120lbs.........and i'm only 19 years old, so i'm not sure if a Kelly or some colours of Birkin would look too frumpy on me.
  2. Have you considered a BJ Kelly? It's a very nice and fresh bag and looks great on young women. Plus it's a timeless classic and then you would own two iconic H bags.
  3. I agree with Hello about the Kelly. I always thought that a Kelly would be too mature for me, but when I saw my Kelly I absolutely fell in love with it. I think a Kelly in a vibrant color would be young and stylish. Also, you can get a canvas "sport" strap made and then you can wear the Kelly across the body.
  4. I second the other posters. A 32 retourne Kelly in a vibrant colour is a fabulous bag - its totally yummy in blue jean and in a slouchy grainy leather like togo or clemence!
  5. Wow, you are one lucky girl!! 19 yrs old and you've owned 1 birkin already!! :yes: Very lucky indeed! I'm more of a Birkin than Kelly person, so you can guess what my suggestion would be...:smile:) Get another 35cm Birkin, in colors like rouge garance, blue jean, or white (my favorite!)! :tup:
  6. I like the suggestion of the BJ Kelly. For your size, I think a 32cm rotourne would be perfect and so much fun!
  7. A kelly for variety but in a brighter shade like BJ/R Garance?
  8. Thanks for your suggestions!

    I'll give my local Hermes a call and see what they have! (there are usually a few pieces as not many people around here seem very interested in their bags!)
  9. What about the Lindy???
  10. I'm also more a Birkin than Kelly person so I second this totally!
  11. BJ birkin. the color is nice, sharp and young
  12. AccessorizeMe and luxlover............I think I may have to agree with you both! I love the Birkin sooooooooo much.

    Although I don't think the BJ is a good colour for me as I don't think I own any item of clothing that's blue! I'm a bit of a bore when it comes to clothing even though i'm young. Jeans, heels and a cashmere sweater or sharp tailored shirt from Pink or Crombie most of the time (either grey, black, purple or red....and a few pinks, greens and lemon in the summer as it's hardly ever warm here!) And I wear similar to University swapping my heels for a pair of chestnut or sand uggs, and birki's in the summer.

    How is the white togo leather for keeping clean? a bad idea?
  13. white is a nice color though are you the type that can keep your bags clean? i'm 21 so i'm only a little older than you and i like more pop colors since the birkin's design is a bit more on the mature side. You dont really need any blue clothing to get a BJ. i tend to wear jeans, solid color cashmere top, & heels.

    I recently got a red birkin and i'm in love with the color. Are you a fan of pink? Fuschia seems like a fun color too?
  14. Having a look at your BJ I think it would look great beside my orange birkin in my display case!

    My local Hermes had a red 35cm birkin in togo with palladium hardwear in stock yesterday and I thought that it looked great!

    I'll probably end up going for a safe bet black or gold in the end because I figured, a Birkin's a Birkin and it'll look great whatever the colour. ;)
  15. Considering your age (and since you seem to love bright color)...
    I would go for a Birkin in BJ with PH :yes: !!!