My next Hermes bag - help me decide on a work bag!

  1. Hello ladies! I'm looking to buy a solid work bag, and although I would love a 35cm Kelly, I don't think it's smart to put my heavy work stuff in it because of the single handle. The birkin would work, but I'd really prefer something where the handles can easily go over my shoulder..., I'm thinking the large leather GP (in black or rouge, if I can find it) or the Omnibus. Thoughts? Are these too "old" looking for an early 30's professional? I want something professional, as I deal with CEO's and Sr VPs of MNCs, but I look very young, so I don't want something that is too mature looking.

    Any other thoughts?

    Thank you!
  2. HAC 36 or a bolide!

    I have a large GP and I personally consider it to be on the casual side (I use it as a tote for carrying a lot of volume - not for professional polish... although it is still beautiful!)
  3. Here's one man's opinion: You can't go wrong with a classic like a Bolide or a Plume. They would both look professional and are work horses. They come in many sizes, leathers and colors. I think the GP is too casual and the Omnibus is a little busy for my tastes. Good luck!
  4. ^^ omg, I *completely* missed the part about the shoulder... scratch that!
  5. Yes Bolide... is gorgeous... The GPT would work too :smile:
  6. I was talking to a friend of mine and our SA about this the other day. I really don't think Hermes makes such a bag now. I, too, would love a bag that I could put my laptop and a few files in and could be hand held or put on my shoulder. I honestly can't come up with an H that fits the bill. I will be watching this thread, though, and hope others can come up with one!
  7. Yep, I am concerned that the GP may be too casual. I love the Bolide, actually, having seen many of them at various H boutiques, but darn... why can't the shoulder straps be just a little bit longer???!

    The Plume looks a little too boring, although lovely. Anyone use it for a work bag?
  8. Depending how big your laptop is... there was this thread what hold a 30 cm birkin... and she had a vaio in there... I have a 37 bolide and it does hold files... well mine at least;)
  9. I have a tiny work laptop - an IBM/Lenovo X60. That Birkin has to be heavy without being able to put that bag over the shoulder!!!
  10. As RC says, this is empty spot in the Hermes product line right now. (The other one being, a small messenger bag with a city-adequate closure). I think the drawback of the 37 bolide is that you cant really zip it shut with 8 1/2 by 10 folders in it; the 35 or 40 birkin, not shoulder bag; the 35 or 40 kelly, can get too heavy for single handle flap motif. All of these would work, subject to those caveats. I think the GP in all-black is a good choice, although the cloth/leather ones look better in my opinion than the all leather. The other choice is the Victoria, although I think the lack of structure might not work for carrying files.
  11. It is true I can't zip the Bolide with the files in... but actually I don't care... it is as having the birkin all closed up or have the flap inside:smile: for easy getting in and out
  12. I used to use a LV cabas mezzo and then a luco tote but I have no interest in the monogram LV anymore. I am now using a Chanel Paris Biarritz and it works...but it's not Hermes.
  13. Hi Rockerchic, I was thinking maybe a Chanel, but I'd prefer Hermes due to the durability and classiness. Are the corners wearing on the Chanel? I was worried about the softness of the leather on Chanel. I'm using a gorgeous Ferragamo Mediterraneo for work now, but I'm just getting a bit bored with it :smile:
  14. ^^^(The other one being, a small messenger bag with a city-adequate closure).

    That would be GREAT
  15. Hmmmmm. I personally aplaud your efforts. Most of the gals I worked with used canvas totes from whatever project they had spearheaded or organized. So on the outside, unassuming. To the circle of gals that knew, portable resumes!

    I second RC - if you do the GP, black canvas is the way to go. Chic and understated. Otherwise, how about the Sac a Depeche as a good fit, or a large Drag Bag? Possibly the "Steve" would work, too... Although it's not as fashionable on a woman as a man, IMHO.