My next damier piece - Chelsea, Keepall..?

  1. I recently purchased a damier speedy 25 and am in total love with this line. I want to add but am having a difficult time choosing my next piece. The Chelsea is a lovelytote and can serve as day to day bag as well. The keepall 55 is a similar price point, but I only travel a few times a year. Which would you choose first? :smile:
  2. I personally prefer the chelsea...looks professional and doubles as an everyday bag and carryon, depending on how much you carry. Plus it has a lock with keys, and it's probably big enough to use as an overnight bag. I wanted this bag for such a long time, but I never got around to buying one. :shame: I definitely love this tote!
  3. I think the keepall would be great.
  4. maybe the chelsea? i'm actually loving belem or ribera. hehe i'm not much help am i!
  5. I have the speedy 25 and keepall 50, both damier :heart:, and they are my perfect companions for travelling (and I do travel a lot for my work!!). When I don't feel like carrying two bags, I just put the speedy inside the keepall (it's funny to watch other people's faces when you take the bag out of the keepall :roflmfao: It's like, a bag is born LOL).
    Keepall 55 it's too big for me (I'm 5' 1") but the 50 it's perfect and it's incredible how much stuff you can carry around :tup:!!
  6. Keepall :smile: You need travel bag after your city bag
  7. I say Chelsea-i have her and she is a wonderful day bag/work bag as well as carryon.
    I love all the dark brown leather trim-looks so rich, she is a large tote and love how she is rare-never see anyone with her. I have a damier speedy 30 and when i traveled recently I used the chelsea only-no need for too bags.
    I like keepall but its strictly travel, i want to have more use of my money(I don't travel much)