My Next Coach Will Be...

  1. My next Coach purse will be: COACH CARLY signature HANDBAG tote brass/parchment 10615

    What do you think of this bag? What will be your next Coach?
  2. Carly will be my not sure what color or size yet.
  3. Gorgeous bag! My next bag will be a Carly leather handbag in Camel/Saddle on it's way to me now! Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday! The next bag I order will be a Legacy Shoulder bag in pond!
  4. I think the Carly will be my next bag also! Its super cute.
  5. Did you get the large or small size? Did you order it from the Coach website?
  6. I'm on a ban until I shed 20 Ibs (New Year's Resolution). I have about 40 to lose!! It might be awhile but I'll get 2 bags out of it. I told my parents every 20 I lose I get to buy myself a bag but I still can buy accessories LOL! Now I don't have to hear her 2 cents about me getting a new bag, because I earned it. No bag buying plans as of now.
  7. I ordered the medium off of I am 4 hours away from the nearest Coach store. Wish I had the guts to call a Coach store and just order by phone! Supposedly that saves shipping. But ordering from Macy's allows me somewhere to return it in person if I don't like it whereas if I ordered off of, I'd have to mail it back for a refund.
  8. My next purchase will either be a Carly (*surprise-surprise*) Leather Large bag or the Hamptons Large Pebble Leather Hobo. Both in Black....

    I'm wanting a good, basic black bag that will go from work to play easily.
  9. I looked at Carly's today and they are amazing IRL! :yahoo: I can't decide on color...I love black but I already have a black scarf print tote...hmmm. I also want another wristlet but also was :shrugs: today. I love my holiday wristlet but couldn't decide on another. I guess that's good news for my wallet for now!
  10. I'm definitely getting the white and black zoey clutch once it's available.

    And . . . I just got the legacy stripe ponytail scarf!
  11. i want the parchment carly,pond satchel,& the natural mandy or satchel .
  12. I just bought a Coach the other day, but I will be getting the Carly in a little while. The Coach I bought the other day and matching wallet will satiate my Coach needs for a bit. No idea how long that will last, though!
  13. went to boutique 2dae was gonna get the carly but disliked it so i got a duffle butt ill b gettin the sig stripe swingpack and demi
  14. Why didn't you like it?
  15. heck iono i just expected more from the pouch.
    but i got a duffle.
    and im gonna order a swingpack/demi
    so im good.