My Next Coach Will Be...

Gorgeous bag! My next bag will be a Carly leather handbag in Camel/Saddle on it's way to me now! Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday! The next bag I order will be a Legacy Shoulder bag in pond!
I'm on a ban until I shed 20 Ibs (New Year's Resolution). I have about 40 to lose!! It might be awhile but I'll get 2 bags out of it. I told my parents every 20 I lose I get to buy myself a bag but I still can buy accessories LOL! Now I don't have to hear her 2 cents about me getting a new bag, because I earned it. No bag buying plans as of now.
I ordered the medium off of I am 4 hours away from the nearest Coach store. Wish I had the guts to call a Coach store and just order by phone! Supposedly that saves shipping. But ordering from Macy's allows me somewhere to return it in person if I don't like it whereas if I ordered off of, I'd have to mail it back for a refund.
My next purchase will either be a Carly (*surprise-surprise*) Leather Large bag or the Hamptons Large Pebble Leather Hobo. Both in Black....

I'm wanting a good, basic black bag that will go from work to play easily.
I looked at Carly's today and they are amazing IRL! :yahoo: I can't decide on color...I love black but I already have a black scarf print tote...hmmm. I also want another wristlet but also was :shrugs: today. I love my holiday wristlet but couldn't decide on another. I guess that's good news for my wallet for now!
I just bought a Coach the other day, but I will be getting the Carly in a little while. The Coach I bought the other day and matching wallet will satiate my Coach needs for a bit. No idea how long that will last, though!