my next coach bag...

  1. i can't decide!

    red or brown?


    i also kind of like the hobo version because of the gold links...

    but i love the red, its rare to see that color in leather. however, i can only see myself wearing it with white, black, and red...and maybe brown.

    with the brown i can wear teal, orange, white, red, brown..and maybe black.

    i just got these two tops in orange and teal. maybe that's why i'm leaning towards the brown, because it matches easier.

    but the red is beautiful.

    and i refuse to get both. i've done this before and it sucks.

    what do you guys think?
  2. Red! RED! OMG If I had the money I would be all over the red one LOL
  3. I love the brown, its so pretty!! I have red bags, and I can really only wear them with the colors that you mentioned, and even though the red is gorgeous, the red is more versatile. If you still love the red, why not get some of the smaller pieces like a miniskinny or a wallet?
  4. Brown for sure! It's a great fall bag:yes: Remember to post pics when you buy one!
  5. The RED one! The RED one!
  6. I vote for the brown!!!! The red is nice, but like you said you may get to wear more with the brown.
  7. I like the red. It doesn't look red red, so that should work well.
  8. I love both of the colors,but i guess i would pick the would go good with the fall clothes:yes:
  9. Red!!!
  10. Red is pretty...but if it was me I'd go brown.
  11. The brown is beautiful......thats what i would choose.
  12. I would go for the red, since its not a bright red--still has some brown tones in it so its kind of neutral in a sense. And plus, this colour isn't one you see everyday, so it seems more special to me.
  13. yeah. if it were a fire engine red, i would say go with the brown. but nothing is nicer come winter time to have a pretty red bag when everything else is so drab.
  14. RED! Just be warned, that the straps on this bag slip big time.
  15. I vote brown!