my next chanel purchase.. need help deciding!!!

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  1. i already got my 1st chanel which is a jumbo caviar flap...

    thinking to get another ... not flap bag this time i guess...

    maybe a PST ?

    or a paris biarritz small tote ?

    pros of the pst is that is can be shoulder carry..
    cons of it is tat it is smaller than the paris biarritz tote..

    pros of the paris biarritz bag is that it can is slightly bigger ? it is ?
    cons of it is tat is hand-carry..

    i'm wondering how much can both contain.. anyone has got photo of wad is it ur bags(if u happen to own any of it) ? would really appreciate if anyone could post to show.. :flowers:

    or... anyone of u got good recommendations of what other bags that are nice? :biggrin:

    anyway.. i kind of prefer shoulder carry bags.. as i got a son and whenever i'm out with him.. i cant use hand carry bags.. so i guess... a shoulder bag would be more practical for me... ;)
  2. I can't see the pictures :sad:
  3. I personally prefer the PST. In any case considering you have a son, the PST would be more practical and make more sense :smile: Goodluck!
  4. How about GST?
  5. cari : u cant see the pics? how abt now? :biggrin:

    jaded : i tink pst more practical too.. or u got other recommendations? hehe! :P

    bemavis : heard complains abt GST being too heavy/bulky/boxy... and that the straps keep slipping/falling of from shoulder.. it was initially gonna be my 1st chanel... but in the end i got the jumbo flap after hearing all those complains... :P

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  6. i like the pst more, coz chanel in vinyl doesn't do it for me... i suggest you get in light beige too :smile:
  7. purse-nality : light beige? OMG! light colors are very difficult to maintain.. although i know tat the beige with GHW is uber pretty!! :sad:
  8. ^not at all w/ caviar! thank god for baby wipes, hun :amuse:
  9. go for the PST
  10. The one on the left.
  11. Wanxia, the PST would be a better purchase than the paris biarritz. Besides, like purse-nality mention, baby wipes are a life saver if you do go with light colors. My beige GST still looks pretty good!
  12. #12 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    purse-nality , petitechouchou : really? like food drop or dirt tat will cause black/grey spots.. also can use wipes to wipe off? how long hv u used ur beige bag? still look as good as new ? i'm afraid tat as time pass the beige will look "dull" or "greyish" as like normally wad light color stuffs will be.. dirt stays/trap on it causing the dull or greyish look..

    or......... should i get a gst instead? LOL
  13. The light grey pst is beautiful.... PST!
  14. get the new GST! It can be your stylish baby bag...
  15. Wanxia, I recently acquired mines a few months back and my GST has been caught in pouring rain and has been to numerous dinner outings without a single incident. That being said, I am quite clumsy and tend to drop food and heaven knows what else I do to my poor bags. The baby wipes have tremendously helped as it takes off a lot of the stains/dirt it gets on.

    Here is my GST after the baby wipes were used on it :graucho: and you can see the wipes in the background ;)

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