my next cell phone

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  1. ladies let me introduce you my furture cell phone, made by samsung and versace :tender: the simply gorgeous E500

    Samsung E500 pictures, official photos

    totaly in love with this beauty!


    what do you think?
  2. In whit or brown?
  3. I like the darker one, is that brown? It's so pretty! :yes:

    My current phone is not that pretty, it's an O2 XDA Mini, but I love it so much, it's a SUPERPHONE! :P
  4. yeah I love the dark one to, but the White one is goergeous to... so hard! CLear I totally In love. It will be sale in september. I can't wait!!!
  5. Very cute phone, I would definitely go for the white.
  6. buhuuuu I can't take both... can I?
  7. Wow, gorgeous!!! I think the white one really "pops" ! You should definitely get that one :yes::nuts:
  8. ok then, go for the white! I'll post some pic's when I get it, grrr can hardly wait!!!!

    thanks for the help girls
  9. i wanted the white too! do you know when it will be released?
  10. yep in september in italy, I don't know when in USA. I'm in belgium, so I supose europe will get it sooner.
    but I looking for news, so I'll tell you when I have some.
  11. LOL, of course you can get both! Then you can match the color of your phone with your handbag's! :nuts:
  12. cute i like it in white , but it doesnt have bluetooth
  13. They're both gorgeous! I would go for the white one!
  14. Ooh the white one is gorgeous:love:
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