My next Bal... what should it be?

  1. I am thinking about a purse (wallet!) rather than a bag. I will probabaly get it within the next few months. Sooo... what should I get? Styles, colours, prices (£)... and pictures as well please! Recommend the styles that you have/love! Or if you think it is not worth spending the money, tell me. I know the leather on the bags at least can be thin. Any purse I have will get thrown and bashed about! Thank you in advance
  2. i LOVE the weekender

    it's big, can be used for travel and evryday used.
    it's pretty when full and slouched empty.
  3. Yes the weekender is nice! But I actually meant money purses. Like wallets.
  4. i have a few of of the wallets, and of all of them, i love the Money wallet the most. it's perfect to keep all your cc, dl, and other cards you need to carry, and it's not too bulky at all. it's the perfect size for a wallet i think.
  5. I have a rouge vif compagnon that I LOVE.. it's just the right size, holds my passport, and has room for receipts, importants things such as giftcards, and a bunch of cards and coins.. I've postet pics in the accessories-thread on top, you should check it out!
  6. Silje, I've just seen yours and I love it! The only problem is that I want a smaller one because I only have 2 or 3 cards and I dont usually carry a lot of cash. I think what I'll do is see them for myself because even though ateliernaff has the measurements it is hard to imagine the sizes in real life! The coin purse seems about right... although I love the ghost and money purses
  7. the makeup clutch could be a good idea because you can also use it as an evening purse. multitasking!
  8. Oooh yes!!!

    A clutch sounds lovely! :yes:
  9. honestly. i'm not too fond of balenciaga's wallets... alhtough i think all the clutches are TDF!

    with the coin purse, i think the money and cc's are going to be more neat inside than inside the make up clutch...
  10. Although clutches are gorgeous I think either a mini companion or a coin purse would be best suited for your needs. As for the color I would get something that contrasts with your bags and a darker color more than a pale one since you say it would get trown around a lot! ;)
  11. I 2nd the coin purse idea. They are very practical and super cute.
  12. Hmm... well a clutch does sound good... Does anyone know the price in the UK because it only has dollars on ateliernaff. The makeup clutch and the coin purse?
  13. i have a coin purse and i think it can be easily used as a wallet if you do not carry too much....also, get a color that pops but not too light since wallets tend to get dirty easily... i got a white pony and i am scared to death of using her..
  14. ^ I know but prices in the US are usually lower than the UK...