My next bag!

  1. My Mono Speedy 30 used to be my go-to bag, but now that I don't ever use it, I want a different bag! It doesn't have to be an everyday bag (I frequently carry my white Chanel Jumbo and my Miroir Lockit a lot...I LOVE them!) I want to shy away from the classic Mono/Damier lines as well as from bags with vachetta. I also like ones that are not commonly seen and/or are limited edition! I dress both casual and a little more put together -- I like my bags to be fun! What bags are good for me?

    I'm considering the black Neo Cabby. Is it very common? Do you recommend the MM or GM? Does it show wear very fast?

    And a little off topic, but:

    I came home with the gold Miroir cosmetic case today, only to find that it has a black scratch/dent! I can't get it off, so I think it's not just dirt, but a peel in the varnish :sad:. I'm so sad because I've been wanting it and it is GORGEOUS!

    I also received the Pomme heart that I ordered from the LV site! I now have the Violette and the Pomme...but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep both yet. The more I look at them, the more I feel like they are so impractical...they really are only bag charms for me since I have the French Purse with a huge coin compartment!


    Ok, sorry about the blabbing! I'd love to hear your input!
  2. I think epi noe's are beautiful with a scarf on them! That would be fun, and practical.


    And SOOO sorry to hear about your cosmetic case! Thats awful!
  3. i love my cabby. it was my go-to bag for the last 6 months. i have the mm, but some members prefer the gm. the gm you can wear messenger style.

    and it doesn't show wear fast or easily. though the hardware has that antique look to it.
  4. louislover, ohh, I never even considered Epi! I especially like them COLORFUL!

    caley, I looked at the bag today and loved the distressed look! I love gold hardware. What do you fit into your MM?
  5. i currently carry my pochette wallet, cles, 2 checkbooks, and sunglasses case with room to spare. its quite roomy. however, adding a lot to it can make it heavy.

    what i also love about the cabby is that the bag takes on 2 different looks depending on how you carry it. i like how the shoulder strap hangs on the bag when i use the handles :smile:
  6. I have the cabby gm and love it! I've been wearing it every day and does not show any wear.
  7. How about something in Vernis? Its gorgeous.. !!!
    Maybe the Houston or the Summit Drive in Amarante or Pomme.
  8. I think the black neo cabby would be great since you are looking for a non-traditional looking bag.. I think this would be a great add! I love the yellow lining on the inside too. Good luck with you decision!
  9. I've the same thing with Caley, I use my Bk neo cabby MM almost 6 months++, I love the bag it's so chic and so practical. I don't have to worry about the vachetta. I'd say you'd ask yourself a black bag or a color bag (coz I think the vernis bags are so beautiful)
  10. I think something Vernis would be great.
  11. personally i hate the denim line i see so many fakes but the epi is just so amazing i love the noe as well.
  12. My first vote would be for something Vernis like the Summit Drive or Rosewood in Amarante.
    My second vote would be for Epi Passy or Jasmin in Ivory or red.
  13. I have the Cabby GM in black and I love it! I have not seen too many of those being used or "faked" at least not where I live. It's great how I can carry it by hand, crook of my arm, shoulder and even cross-body.

    The Epi line is great as well, I'm in love with the new Cassis and Grenade colors.

    How about the Suhali line ... do you like those? The Lockit PM or GM is gorgeous in most colors.

    Sorry about your cosmetique ... maybe you can exchange it, I think they still have a few in some boutiques.
  14. I have the black neo cabby MM!! I LOVE this bag! I've never seen a fake of it. I've only seen blue denim fakes and they're horrible. You can tell a mile away! I carry a ton of stuff in my cabby. I get loads of compliments, too, because it's so different.
  15. caley, thanks, seems it fits a lot! I love how the strap hangs when you hand-carry the bag, too! The more I talk about this bag, the more excited I get!

    , yeah, I love that I don't have to worry about vachetta on the black Cabby! Did you find the GM too big?

    , I wasn't aware that the Neo Cabby is faked often! Part of the reason I'm looking for new bag is that I like carrying bags that are unique and not too common -- I love the ease of Speedies, but I see them everywhere and are often faked. Might just be me, but I'm getting bored of Mono Speedies everywhere, so I don't feel like taking her out.

    , you have amazing taste! I LOVE Amarante and am definitely lusting after a Vernis bag. I just wish I didn't have vachetta to worry about. I imagine the bags looking odd after a while with the worn look of the vachetta paired with the still-shiny Vernis. Am I wrong? Also, I LOVE the Passy. I want it for the professional life! It looks so practical and classy!

    , I haven't seen it faked often, either! (Or maybe I just can't tell -- shame on me!) Why did you choose the GM over MM? The Suhali Lockits ARE gorgeous, but I already have a Lockit so I want to try something new. I'm afraid of bags being too structured for shopping/going out looks, but that may be an unnecessary fear! Thanks for your suggestions!