My next bag.....

  1. Soho Multi-print Hobo

    Style # 11905 Available to order now

    $298 - in stores end of March!


    (mods I put a note in the other thread, if you wouldn't mind closing it! thanks :smile:)
  2. Very cute. I really like the shape of it. Too bad it doesn't come in all white!!
  3. Good I am glad you found out about it!!!!
  4. Ditto^!!
  5. Super cute... can't wait to see pics candac!!
  6. well, I haven't ordered it yet, but it will be my next purchase lol
  7. O... LOL.. well when you do... we will all be waiting for the pics! haha :roflmfao:
  8. This is super cute, and I love the strap. Do you know what the dimensions are??
  9. That is adorable. I really love the braided strap too. Cant wait till you get it!!
  10. TOO cute, can't wait for 'actual' pics ;)
  11. I love this bag but I am not a fan of the brown strap. It would have been nice in white or a darker pink..
  12. That bag is a beauty! :heart: It is like the only bag coming out which i love and I dont even like pink! (Well not enough for a whole bag)
  13. Do you know what size this is.... and if you order it now does it ship now or not till March?
  14. Really nice, but I would be terrified if I dirty it.
  15. Cute bag, I must see this bag IRL.