My next bag-- Vote!!


Which shall i go for?

  1. Marc Jacobs

  2. Chanel

  3. Chloe

  4. Balanciaga

  5. YSL

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Marc Jacobs Stam in Saddle Brown

    Chanel Medium or Jumbo Flap in some sort of brown/beige/redish colour

    Chloe Paddington tote in Chocolate

    Balenciaga City in some kind of chocolatey/dark purple/redish tone again

    Yves Saint Laurent Muse in OAK
  2. Chanel!
  3. go for the Chanel!
  4. Chanel. :yes:
  5. Chanel
  6. Chanel!!
  7. balenciaga
  8. Def. Chanel. It's timeless. The Stam, the Paddington and also the city (i know, it's beautiful, especially in grey, but it is) is very last year's it-bags. and the muse is just a boring, over-priced huuuuge bag. Go with the Chanel.
  9. balenciaga or chanel :smile:
  10. phew...that's a tough decision! It depends on what you don't have. I have one of each except for the muse. I'd say the chanel in the chocolate brown would be fab.
  11. Chanel for sure.
  12. Normally, I would pick Chanel, but I would only buy a black or white Chanel, so I am going to say pick any of the rest(I like them all-MJ being my least favorite). Chanel, to me, is not a casual bag, and most of my brown bags are casual, since everytime I get more dressed up I grab for black.:shrugs: The other four choices seem much more casual to me. JMHO.
  13. OMG, I think this is the toughest poll I've ever voted in!!!!!!! I voted Chanel in the end...just because they're so timeless and classic...
  14. I'm not voting til I know what the use is for. Like it's hard for me to give an opinion without knowing what you're planning on using it for. Those bags are just on completely different spectrums of the scale.
  15. Chanel hands down!