My next bag? Please help me choose!


Team Orange
Feb 6, 2008
I have one black 30 cm togo Birkin PHW which I love:love:. I had decided to get one (!) bag from H but I am now thinking of my second bag. However this WILL be my last one!

So- what am I thinking of?

* Kelly retourne (28 cm) in togo or clemence, potiron PHW. Most probably with white stitching
+ shoulder strap
+ beautiful bag
+ good when travelling as it is closed and due to the shoulder strap
+ colour good also for summer (or is it?!)
? will I get tired of the colour, maybe I shall get a more neutral bag?!
? Shall I get white stitching and is the size good for me (28 cm looks best on me when using the shoulder strap and 32 cm when holding it in my hand but in some way I prefer a Kelly bag to be "smaller" than a Birkin)
? what contrasting colour, if any, looks good with potiron?

* Kelly retourne (28 cm) in graphite, PHW, maybe with RS lining
+ shoulder strap
+ I LOVE graphite + PHW
+ good when travelling
- colour dark and maybe to similar to black? Is not really a "summer bag"

* Birkin 30 cm etoupe PHW, maybe with framboise lining (if framboise is not discountinued)
+ beautiful bag in colour suitable for winter/summer and I know that I will love it!
- no shoulder strap
? I already have a Birkin- maybe a Kelly is better?

* Other suggestions? It has to be a Birkin 30 cm or Kelly retourne and a bag with PHW (regular leather)- maybe there is some other GORGEOUS bag I am not thinking of!!!!!

* I live in Sweden and summers are rather short and I think that winters are long. Most people wear neutral coloured bags.
* I am short and a Birkin 30 cm feels like a perfect size so I don't want to have anything bigger than that
* I think that most of my clothes are in: black, grey, brown, white, ivory, blue (jeans) and pale pink. During summers I wear more "colourful" clothes and I also have accessories etceteras in stronger colours.
* Unfortunately I can only get ONE bag.

What bag do you think would give me the most versatile "collection"?


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
Oh goodness..I am going to have to go with the etoupe Birkin choice,it sounds gorgeous!!! (and as you know I am a total sucker for etoupe!)

Great neutral,good year round color...I am totally loving mine,and I think with a framboise lining it would be knockout!!!


Jul 29, 2009
I agree with chaz. I like the neutral exterior/flashy interior. :graucho: It gives you a smile every time you hold it/open it.


Jul 18, 2008
I love the Graphite Kelly. I recently saw a 35 Kelly in Graphite Clemence and it was gorgeous! Its such a neutral color and would match most of your clothing and you can always accessorize your bag with strong bright colors to make it look different... :smile:


Apr 6, 2007
hello dear.

I appreciate that you've enumerated the pros and cons for each of the bag choices, and other points to consider, rather than just plainly stating the bags you're considering.

Having said that, I want to ask if you have tried carrying a 28 Kelly with strap? In any color? Because sometimes, a bag looks pretty by itself but might not work when we carry it. From my experience, it's been with the travel Bolide. It just looks pretty on the shelf but I look stupid carrying it.

And maybe it's just me but I find that bags with a long strap and carried on the shoulder makes the wearer look shorter. Probably because the straps give my eyes something to compare the torso with?

Moreover, have you considered the hassle of getting things in and out of a Kelly?

I'm not directly saying you get that Birkin but I just added a few more things to consider about the Kellys with shoulder straps.

Because I :heart: you.


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
Kashmira, given your beautiful and well thought out list, I cannot see your next bag as your last. (Also the title of the thread is next bag :smile:

They all sound fantastic. I like the idea of something in etoupe but that's just me.

Have fun choosing your next bag!


Pay it Forward
Jun 15, 2006
I am going with the poitron Kelly. The shoulder strap is invaluable when traveling and also for long days out. I have an orange bag that I use through out the year.

And I am with 880... it's not your last H bag, just your next one...


Aug 26, 2007
northeast usa
if you love your 30 birkin and it always works for you (in terms of needing to be hand carried), then you should def get another one, and i love the idea of a contrast lining. makes it that much more special, and unique and exclusively yours! however, if you really want the ability to shoulder-carry, go for a kelly. i would do red if i were going to get just one. i love potiron too, but i find it to be less versatile than red. take your time, and make sure. play with some colors and see what works with your wardrobe. funny, i have decided i have enough clothing, but i will never have enough kellys! good luck and have fun-and trust your own instincts above all else...that always seems to lead to the most happy result.:heart:


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
Birkin 30 cm etoupe PHW, maybe with framboise lining

I think. But I've changed my mind for you 3 times before posting this.
I love them but I too have trouble getting in and out of a Kelly (my hand anyway) :robot:


May 4, 2007
The etoupe Birkin just so you have a year round bag. You came up with a great selection


Sep 24, 2008
Red White & Blue
Kashmira, given your beautiful and well thought out list, I cannot see your next bag as your last. (Also the title of the thread is next bag :smile:

They all sound fantastic. I like the idea of something in etoupe but that's just me.

Have fun choosing your next bag!
Good point, 880. ITA. Etoupe birkin would be a nice addition. Or have you consider Gris Tourtorelle as it is a bit lighter than Etoupe and would also be a great all year round color?


City Dweller
Apr 24, 2006
In my happy place
If this is truly your last H bag, I'm going to pick the Etoupe Birkin. It's a great neutral and good year-round color. BTW, love the idea of a framboise interior. Good luck with your choice.


Jan 16, 2008
New York City
I have to go with the Etoupe Birkin, too. It's a beautiful color and as you said, it's the perfect neutral year round. I have a friend who recently got one and I love it!


Team Orange
Feb 6, 2008
Thank you all for your replies!

Chaz and 5babies4me! An etoupe Birkin with framboise lining would be an amazing combination but every time I see a picture of a orange or potiron Kelly my heart starts to beet faster.

Rouge*! I saw a graphite Kelly 32 cm in Paris this summer and it was beautiful! my concern is- would I have a good bag for summer if I have a black Birkin and a graphite Kelly?

Allan! I have tried on both a 28 cm Kelly and a 32 cm Kelly. The 32 cm looked stupid when I used the shoulder strap- it looked like luggage. I didn't find it that difficult to open/close though so I don't think that I would find that a problem but if I would look even shorter with a Kelly, well that IS a problem. On the other hand I think that it looked pretty good when I was trying it on.

880! This WILL be my last bag- I should have changed the title!

Rose! I think that potiron is a great colour (orange too but I find it a bit too bright for me) and I would like to have a bag that could be used every day 365 days a year.

tesi! My only "problem" with my Birkin is that I sometimes think that it would be great with a bag leaving my both hands free. Red is gorgeous but I think that potiron would be a better colour for me.

papertiger! I had decided to get an etoupe Birkin, then changed my mind and was 100% sure of that I should order a potiron Kelly and now I don't know- I WANT BOTH but can have only one!

mooks! I too think that it is a great selection- TOO great- I cannot choose!

Bag-terfly! GT is gorgeous but unfortunately not a colour for me. I look sick in some light grey shades and etoupe goes better with my skintone.

valencia! Etoupe + framboise would be a winning combination, right?! But so would potiron with white stitshing!

LBurke9915! I think that another Birkin would be great but so would a Kelly!

Suzie! Shoulder birkins are a bit bigger (and heavier), right?! If not it would have been a great option!

OK- I think that I have decided against a graphite Kelly even if it is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. It's too dark!